Things To Pay Attention When Buying A Valora KiKyo Villa

Valora Kikyo Villa is officially open for sale, this article we look forward to providing you with the note before buying a villa at Valora Kikyo project District 9.

When choosing to buy a villa would certainly consider a lot of problems because the price of a villa is not cheap, especially in the big fluctuations of the real estate market today as more and more projects are sprouting up.

The questions we must always look for is whether the mansion is worth the money we spend or not? Besides, we also have to calculate carefully to invest in that villa like? Here we give you the full 6 important factors when you choose to buy a villa Valora Kikyo.

Valora Kikyo Villa is conveniently located for access to infrastructure

Valora Kikyo Villa

Valora Kikyo is conveniently located at the corner of Ring Road 2 with Long Thanh – Dau Day highway

Surely everyone will know the most important factor in real estate is the location. This can be considered as the most certain prerequisite to be able to evaluate whether the villa is worth living or investing in good liquidity.

How is Valora Kikyo positioned?

Valora Kikyo is conveniently located on the second ring of the Long Thanh – Dau Day Highway, with the high-speed parallel carriageway going into operation by the end of 2017 facing the project. At the time of handing over the villa, the value of this place is greatly enhanced.

The environment and appearance are extremely bright

Valora Kikyo Villa

The large swimming pool serves the needs of the swimmers of Valora Kikyo Villa project

The appearance influences the overall beauty of the mansion. You should consider factors such as shape, detailed line, color, door and window position… are reasonably harmonious and scientific. In addition, what are the surrounding landscapes such as the location of the land or the trees surrounding the villa, the surrounding projects and projects that affect the villa?

These factors contribute greatly in asserting the value of the villa. With Valora Kikyo you will live in a space full of fresh light and very cool atmosphere when surrounding the project is a landscape lake, clay ditch. Along with that the opposite is the high-end Valencia villas have been put into operation. All will create a clean and classy environment.

Questions are asked with the design inside the villa

The interior of the villa here is the layout of rooms or interiors and the amount of light that touches the interior of the rooms … are reasonable and convenient for residents to use.

Floors, walls and ceilings are strong and secure, and are prone to wet or dampness in the rainy season. Especially the number of floors and stair design. Usually a 2- 3-storey villa will be more appreciated than villas with higher floors. Stairs have a reasonable horizontal width and slope, which is usually slightly wider than the width of the stairs or the townhouse. At Valora Kikyo all the villas are designed according to a standard ground floor and a floor to create a synchronized space, beautiful and classy. The Valora Kikyo villa will be handed over roughly enabling you to freely create as many interior options as you want.

What about other infrastructure related designs?

Valora Kikyo Villa

Extremely in-house utility of Valora Kikyo Villa project

Other relevant designs are car parks, tombs, underground rooms or landscaped gardens. You should thoroughly explore the area and usage of these functional areas.

In addition, the facilities outside the villa such as shopping malls, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, spas, gyms…It will contribute to a more comfortable, more modern life for your whole family, and will directly affect the value of a villa.

What about the security system?

Are the activities of the security and management system in the villa secured 24/7, and what is the monthly or annual fee?

What are the items for management and security here?

This will help you feel more comfortable, comfortable as well as avoid risks, arise not worth later. Living in Valora Kikyo, all security and management activities at the villa are guaranteed 24/7, and the monthly cost is only USD $ 0,4 per square meter. Management fees include the use of a range of amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, club house, and so on.

6 surrounding communities

The community around the villa is one of the most important factors for building a healthy and culturally secure neighborhood. Valora Kikyo is sure to be such a community because the entire population living here is the same level of customers and living standards and living standards.

Why choose Valora Kikyo as a permanent residence

The Valora Kikyo Villa was built and developed by Nam Long Group, one of the three largest real estate developers and developers in Vietnam. With a series of projects completed the target and progress and extremely attractive such as: The Bright View, Flora Anh Dao, Ehome1-2-3-4, Camellia Garden…

You can read more information at: Vietnam Property News

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