Things you may not know about Penthouse Apartments

Penthouse apartments usually have a prime location on the top floor of a building. Also this type of apartment also has interesting things you may not know.

When was the Penthouse started?

In architecture, the Penthouse concept is used for the structure above the roof of a high-rise, walled building, but does not occupy the entire roof. When architects and interior designers in Europe realized the potential of creating remarkable living spaces, they made the most of the roof space, and developed a unique apartment-style named after Penthouse.

Penthouse began to flourish in the early 20th century, in many American cities. In 1923, when the first penthouse apartments of the famous Plaza Hotel building overlooking New York’s Central Park were put into use, real estate world-wide became more or less interested in the form. This new style home. This was the beginning of a period of strong development of Penthouse flats in later years.

What is the difference between a Penthouse apartment and a flat?

Penthouse apartments are designed differently from other apartments in the same building, and are distinguished by luxuries, luxury. To distinguish the most obvious, the penthouse usually consists of two or more floors. Stairs leading to the upper floors are mostly arranged inside the apartment. The large balconies (verandas) running along the house are special. These are rare relaxation spaces, especially for buildings that are always strapped by glass. Not all penthouses have such patios, but they are always the design details that many architects are aiming for.

Apartment design project Penthouse Vinhomes Central Park

Apartment design project Penthouse Vinhomes Central Park

A roofed space can be divided into several penthouses, but there are also places where the entire roof is just a flats. Penthouse can be specially designed, including many unique details not found in any other apartment in the same building. Each one has its own entrance, instead of having to interact with other households below.

Penthouse apartments are usually located at the top of the building

Penthouse apartments are usually located at the top of the building

Other favors will also be included in the space, such as high ceilings, arched ceilings, fireplaces, beautiful and airy views, wide windows, plenty of room, office space and The kitchen area is one of the pride of the owners of this penthouse, with luxur stainless steel appliances, granite counters, island kitchens, bars and many more. another thing.

Common standard of a Penthouse apartment

There are so many attic apartments attached to the Penthouse, but not all attic apartments qualify to be Penthouse apartments. What are those standards?

  • Open space width, the absolute design does not restrict the vision of the apartment.
  • It may be a flat or apartment, ladder move between two floors must be inside the apartment.
  • High ceilings have beautiful views, and often use glass on the outside of the apartment to maximize the viewing angle.
  • Space inside the Penthouse apartment together, limited wall cover, only cover the wall with private areas such as bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms …
  • A patio or balcony surrounds the apartment.
  • There is an outdoor rest area under the porch.

Owning a penthouse means that the space above is high, so most of these units are sold at very high prices, and are often associated with a luxury lifestyle. Therefore, on the market, sometimes the concept of penthouse is attached to many different types of houses, and so the price is also inflated. The penthouse concept is sometimes used for apartments that are no different to the rest of the building, just because it is on the upper floors. And yet, there is even the concept of a “sub-penthouse” that refers to apartments in the penultimate, closest to the penthouse.

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