With three days, where can  you travel?

There is a place where you can enjoy the fresh air in the mountains and can comfortably waving the area between the blue water of the sea that is – Da Nang.

Vietnam is a very special nature with many beautiful and beautiful landscapes. However, if your holiday is only three days, it is not easy for you and your loved one to go. Do not know the mountain to enjoy the fresh air all three days are too boring? Or spend all those days to go to the beach whether the sunscreen bottle is empty without losing?

a corner of Da Nang City

Danang – an open space, busy, crowded.

Only 3 days and 2 nights for a trip to Da Nang you can visit many famous and wonderful places.

Only recently surfed the only name Da Nang has shown thousands of results with beautiful pictures check in at the famous places in the typical place such as:

Ba Na Hill Tourist – Mount Vong Nguyet Hill Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda, Shakyamuni shrine, Old French stables, Nghinh Phong peak, Le Nim villa, Vong Nguyet villa. Visit FANTASY PARK – The 3rd largest indoor recreation area in the world

Han River turnpike, shopping center, food court.

Visit Hoi An Ancient Town with: Japanese Bridge Pagoda, Sa Huynh Culture Museum, Centennial Old House, Phuoc Kien Coffee House & Handicraft Factory – enjoy traditional music

Go to Son Tra Peninsula to visit Linh Ung

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hill – Go to the mountains with your soul, discover the interesting things you should come to

These are the places you can not go when traveling to Da Nang. As visitors to Danang without the photo check in here, it is true that your trip is not complete. Each place in this place has a different style as showing different characteristics of the beautiful girl Da Nang. Hoi An ancient town gently butt in the mouth of the river busy but not less charming with light, mild air, high-class specialty; A hill tribe like Sapa or Da Lat in the center of Da Nang with cool air 4 seasons, beautiful nature, majestic … and many other scenery need visitors to enjoy.

We have to come here to know how beautiful Da Nang, how to heart. And again, this is a piece of land worth living.

The delicious dishes in Da Nang you can enjoy on your trip will make the stomach feel chubby.

How can you live without eating? Or is there a new realm that is extremely familiar sentences today and indeed it is true as a truth. Each time you have the opportunity to go to other land is once you have the opportunity to experience the delicious food, unique place. Next to Danang – the land of famous specialties you certainly must also enjoy one of the following items:

Pork rolls

High floor





Seafood is very fresh

Stuffed, filtered, low ceiling – delicious taste can not refuse.


The dishes that went with the name and the fame of this place, if you do not enjoy them that have to go out are indeed shortcomings for the whole trip

Da Nang – Where to shop for heavenly sisters with extremely “chestnut”

Referring to Da Nang, you will definitely be pampered because of the “cheap grain” of the items here. You can buy all kinds of clothing, trousers, jewelry, accessories, bags, hats, … tired hands do not worry about price. The items here are not only beautiful but the price is extremely loving just afraid that the baggage of the sisters will not tolerate it. Some girls do not like shopping is not right when the item was not beautiful.

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How can you come to Da Nang? How to move in Da Nang?

You have many ways to travel to Da Nang but the most popular tour is the flight floor. After arriving by plane you will be transported by the shuttle bus of the delegation. If you do not choose to follow the tour here you can choose the car rental or motorcycle to travel more convenient. Danang is a thriving tourist destination so you do not have to worry about the lack or difficulty of going there.

Develop Da Nang into seaport urban area

Da Nang is known as the most desirable city in Vietnam today

The things you need to do are just to enjoy the place you are going, the things you will eat and so on. Excellent things will come like the weather, beautiful things, beautiful pictures, …

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