Thu Thiem 2 Bridge – Thu Thiem New Urban Area In District 2

Nowadays, the economic development is increasing, modern luxury apartments are also growing more and more to meet the high-class living demands of people. Thu Thiem new urban area which is become a center in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the government’s projects.

To meet the development needs of the Thu Thiem new urban area, the development of infrastructure transport is extremely important.

Among the transport infrastructure built, prominent is the project of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge. What information do you know about this bridge?

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge was built under the ownership of investor: Dai Quang Minh Real Estate Investment JSC with total capital investment of USD 188 million. Money for construction investment is USD 101 million, compensation for land clearance and relocation is USD 136 million, provision fee is USD 51 million.

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

February 3, 2015 officially broke ground construction of Thu Thiem Bridge 2

The total length of the Thu Thiem 2 Bridge will be 1.4 km, the length of the bridge is 885 m. This will be a cable-stayed bridge with 113 m pillar heading towards Thu Thiem New Urban.

Bridge design will lead to District 1 through 3 branches road. The main branch is 437m, 4 straight lanes that connect to Tong Duc Thang – Le Duan traffic intersection, crossing Nguyen Huu Canh – Le Thanh Ton traffic junction. The second branch consists of two lanes with the length of 195m, designed for vehicles going from District 1 to District 2. It starts from Me Linh project along Ton Duc Thang Street and follows the Sai Gon River to enter the main branch. Next, a branch consists of two lanes, a total length of 192m along the bridge leading the main branch in District 1 connected to Ton Duc Thang Street via Ton Duc Thang – Le Thanh Ton – Nguyen Huu Canh traffic junction. The road also allows the car to go from District 2 turn left onto Le Thanh Ton Street, turn right on Nguyen Huu Canh or turn back at Ton Duc Thang to go to Me Linh Square.

The road in District 2 connecting the Boulevard of Thu Thiem new urban area has a total length of 140m.

As expected, the Thu Thiem 2 Bridge will be completed and put into traffic in 2018 on the occasion of 30-4.

Thu Thiem 2 will be the architectural highlight of the Saigon River, making it easier for residents to travel. Moreover, building bridges create the key to successful development, opening up development prospects not only for the new urban Thu Thiem but also for Ho Chi Minh City.

The construction of Thu Thiem Bridge 2 is one of the planned projects in Thu Thiem, creating a new level for the city. So how will this urban area be planned?

Thu Thiem new urban area will be divided into eight functional zones with a specific design for each zone to meet the purpose. Each zone will have different construction densities, buildings and highlight works.

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

Player 2 crosses the new urban District 2 Ho Chi Minh City

The 1st functional Area will be a commercial center, multifunctional services in a high density in central north. Multistory towers will be built in the Central Square and Arc Boulevard and then descended to the Central Lake and the Saigon River. The Convention & Exhibition Center with a pedestrian bridge connecting the Museum, Planning Information Center and Symphony Hall will be the main highlight.

The 2nd functional area is a high-density complex which has commercial functions, residential areas, sports and entertainment area in the central south of the city. The highlights are a multi-purpose stadium, local administrative center, observation tower, Eco Smart Thu Thiem City, Stadium.

The 3rd functional area is the mixed residential area. The high-rise shopping malls are located at Arc Boulevard, the highlights are the 3rd functional area, museum, school.

The 4th functional area is the mixed residential area in the north of Thu Thiem. The highlight will be the center of public life, administration, fuel station, fire station.

The 5th functional area is a low-density residential area in the south of East-West Boulevard. It is combinated with the public buildings located north of the East-West Boulevard.

The 6th functional area is along the canals at Thu Thiem Island and East-West Boulevard. This will be an important place for the study of information and the organization of economic activities. The south is the mixed trade area. The whole area will be equipped with modern transport infrastructure with the bus line, subway line to the station.

The 7th functional area is in the east of Thu Thiem. There is the housing complex which is the gateway to the development of the east. In addition, there will be impressive points which are the yacht, surrounded by restaurants, shops, huts. The resort hotel is also built in harmony with the natural landscape of Thu Thiem new urban area.

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The 8th functional area is southern wetlands constructed for the purpose of multi-biological research, ecological development studies.

Thu Thiem new urban area with favorable location, the investment projects increase will be the new center of Ho Chi Minh City. This will be a new bright spot, elevating the city to a higher level with a bright future.

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