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Thu Thiem Dragon Is Benefited From The Bridge Passing Over Diamond Island?

Thu Thiem Dragon

The construction of the bridge over Diamond Island has contributed to a change in the appearance of the entire Thanh My Loi area, District 2.

Not only do the residents of this area benefit from the convenience of transportation that property projects here also receive many benefits, including the project apartment Thu Thiem Dragon.

Information about the bridge over Diamond Island

The bridge through Diamond Island is one of the keys and strategic bridges for the traffic of Thanh My Loi area, District 2. Total investment to build this bridge is nearly VND500 billion.

The bridge has a total length of nearly 300m, connecting Mai Chi Tho Boulevard with Diamond Island, District 2 without any intermediary.

  • The 22m wide bridge is divided into 4 lanes wide.
  • The bridge over Diamond Island has the first point connecting riverside residential area in Binh Khanh Ward. The last point of the bridges to connect the riverside area of Thanh My Loi.
  • Location of the bridge through Diamond Island
Thu Thiem Dragon
Location of the bridge through Diamond Island

Bridge through the Diamond Island received investment capital of the city as well as the participating businesses benefit from the bridge project. In September of this year, the bridge was officially started and is expected to be completed and put into official use by the end of 2019, serving residents in the region.

The bridge through Diamond Island once put into use will release the burden of traffic of Dong Van Cong Avenue, My Thuy intersection, Ring Road 2. A new circulation direction is formed extremely convenient to move towards Mai Chi Tho, connect belt 2 via Phu My Bridge easily, quickly.

The price of land around the bridge project through Diamond Island increased “dizziness”

After the construction information of the bridge over Diamond Island was widely publicized, the price of land in Thanh My Loi District 2 also has a rapid change, some roads have actual land prices up to VND100 million / sqm.

For example, the land plot at Truong Van Bang street is VND113 million / sqm, Ta Tieu street is VND95 million / sqm, Le Hien Mai street is VND83 million / sqm, Nguyen Van Kinh street is VND70 million / sqm, Dong Van Cong street is VND58 million/ sqm, …

Thu Thiem Dragon
Finished flooring has pushed up land prices in District 2 steadily increasing recently

On average, the price of land in front of some roads in the administrative center of district 2 and near Kim Cuong island is fluctuating VND 110-120 million / sqm. Local brokers said that the increase in selling price during the first half of the year will continue until the bridge to Diamond Island is started. The price of land in this area is now over 30% compared to the end of 2016.

The cause of land price increase in Thanh My Loi Ward is identified as the “launch pad” of good infrastructure, so the apartment price in this area extended to District 9 and the apartment is under construction on the avenue. Mai Chi Tho has increased to VND40-45 million / sqm. Besides, the bridge over Diamond Island will connect Ring Road 2 to Long Thanh – Dau Giay is very good.

Moreover, this is a tourist route should be planning no trucks, sand trucks carrying sand, static no 6m high bridge so the train can reach.

With such positive signals, the real estate market in the East has become bustling and eager to receive massive waves of investment from land to apartments of the projects here.

Can Thu Thiem Dragon benefit from the bridge over Diamond Island?

Once the bridge over Diamond Island is built, Thu Thiem Dragon will also benefit from the following benefits:

Utilities from the intersections near the project are solved more open. From the project travel options become easy when you want to move to other areas. In particular, the big plus for Thu Thiem Dragon is moving to the city center as District 1, District 7 is very easy. It takes about 5 minutes to reach Mai Chi Tho Avenue and the new administrative center of District 2, 7 minutes to Thu Thiem tunnel to District 1.

Thu Thiem Dragon
With the bridge over Diamond Island, residents easily move to the city center from the Thu Thiem Dragon project

The riverside route, when completely closed and put into use, will create a different appearance when moving in the area. Previously, if mentioning Thanh My Loi area, Dong Van Cong street will be connected with a lot of containers, smoke, dust and tension while traveling along the road linking to Cat Lai port. However, when the riverbank is completed, project residents will move along this route to most of the working, administrative, economic and service locations in District 2. The pressure and alignment on the move will be reduced, instead of the scenery overlooking the Saigon River and cool looking view of the city center romantic.

Together with the ownership of the gold position of District 2 with the waterfront, feng shui convergence, Thu Thiem Dragon is being invested as well as people intend to settle down when the utility of the project is increasingly increased.

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Thu Thiem Dragon Is Benefited From The Bridge Passing Over Diamond Island?

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