Thu Thiem Green Urban Invaluable Gift Of Nature

Nature gives people a lot of value making human life richer and richer. So any house or any structure tends to blue. Urbanization is getting faster and attaches special importance to this.

Have you ever thought that in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City there is such a green peninsula? A green urban area is in the heart of the city which will be the expectation of many people. Thu Thiem new urban area – a big change of the city named Uncle. A promising glow is being sought by investors.

Why say Thu Thiem is a green city? What is the nature here that has given this land? What is the reason that it is the expectation of so many people? Let’s go find out!

Thu Thiem green urban area is full of hope.

Thu Thiem has a cooler climate than many areas in Ho Chi Minh City. It is located on the direction of the winds on the Saigon River (in the direction of East – South, West – South winds). It is especially significant in the present time regarding the pollution problem of urban areas which is a fresh land. The average temperature is about 1 degree Celsius lower than other areas.

That is a living environment which is nothing more perfect that nature granted to this land.

Thu Thiem itself is the land that acts as a sponge to absorb water, waterproof space against flooding water creating a modern metropolis in the heart of nature.

In the context of climate change in Vietnam, have suffered many storms and storms are causing the floods in many places, Thu Thiem is more valuable than ever.

The model of city development along the banks of the river is a model that is easily encountered by many countries in the world, which the city also expects the government and the people for many years. With the development of this Thu Thiem urban area, it will soon become a reality.

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Thu Thiem by the Saigon River.

Ho Chi Minh City is also very fortunate to be endowed with a beautiful river and poetic like a silk strip that is the Sai Gon River winding from Thanh Da across the Saigon Bridge and coming to Thu Thiem. That river has made history with the ancient features of ancient Saigon

With an extensive canal system, with open porous lands, and right on the eastern bank of Thu Thiem, there are the romantic landscapes of the Nam Bo River, with ancient waterways creating an immense urban space.

One of the most special things in Thu Thiem is open public space, according to the green corridor area is 50 metres from the Sai Gon River but at the Thu Thiem side is 200 metres. Public space is associated with the activities of the people. We have big square, we have big river park.

And in particular, we have a park called a wetland park.

This park has a very large area of about 150 hectares which allows some time of the day or some seasons of the year to be flooded. The vegetation there will form the food source of some semi-aquatic animals that can be dragged to create a living environment that creates a beautiful perspective on a living space in harmony with green close nature.

Thu Thiem

Thu Thiem is planned and built into an ecological city blended with nature

A close Thu Thiem – both traditional and modern.

We can imagine the outlook of downtown Ho Chi Minh City is very crowded with the bustle of shopping, shopping and leisure activities not only on land but also below water. On the dock below the boat is very busy and crowded.

With careful design, Thu Thiem does not have to focus on high buildings. We have the emphasis, moderate distribution creates a spacious space – that is actually an ecology urban.

What wonderful that Thu Thiem is sure to leave a strong impression on anyone who has ever come there. With all the advantages of location, communities, a myriad of different great and small utilities with the unique design and refinement have made a Thu Thiem with friendly and class. It is a harmonious combination of ancient beauty and modern beauty, sharp to detail.

Thu Thiem can be said to be the first choice for those customers who want to find a true living space, an extremely upmarket life in the middle of harmony natural space.

All made for Thu Thiem the real strange unique, come to Thu Thiem to live and enjoy.

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