Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel Connects The East With The West Sai Gon Flexibly

Thu Thiem Empire – Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel connect the East with the West Saigon flexibly

Thu Thiem which has a favorable location and potential development is receiving huge investment capital to build a new center. It is a splendorous symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Thiem new urban area will raise the city to a new peak.

Along with the development of construction projects, transportation infrastructure is also non-stop developing. Thu Thiem’s traffic will be invested to build 5 bridges and a tunnel that connects Thu Thiem with other centers.

Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel – The project boost Thu Thiem new urban planning:

Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel, also known as Saigon River Tunnel is built crossing the Saigon River to connect District 1 with Thu Thiem new urban area. Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel has 6 lanes of cars under the riverbed. General contractor of the project is a joint venture between contractors from Japan.

Thu Thiem Urban Area

view at night of Thu Thiem bridge

The Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel’s entrance was built U-shaped with a length of 400m, from Calmette Brigde sank to the bottom of Saigon River and connected with Thu Thiem at the beginning of T13 Street with a total length of 1,490m. The tunnel mouth is 720m long, drowning in the river is 370m. The submersible under the river consists of 4 burners with each burned 27,000 tons which were made of reinforced concrete. The tunnel is located 24m from the river’s surface, a vehicle speed of 60km / h with the ability to withstand a magnitude 6 earthquake. There are estimated to be about 40,000 cars, 10,000 motorcycles each day.

Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel is considered to be one of the most important works in the East-West Boulevard. It helps to reduce the pressure on the Saigon Bridge, make the road from the city center to the western and eastern provinces shorter facilitate interprovincial traffic. Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel improves traffic infrastructures and residents’ along the canal, and creates a driving force for the Thu Thiem new urban area.

The safety of Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel project is also a priority. 10 special vehicles, 90 firefighters, fire extinguishers are on duty 24/24 to ensure safety, support tunnel trouble when needed. Time to use tunnels and some vehicles are also limited to ensure safety. The circulation and the use of tunnel also must comply with the regulations on lights, speed to ensure maximum safety. Moreover, the tunnel system is equipped with fire alarm system, automatic fire alarm with 20 CCTV, 41 loudspeakers, 38 escape doors.

Thu Thiem Traffic Tunnel plays an important role in the planning of Thu Thiem new urban area. So what will the new Thu Thiem new urban area be planning for transportation infrastructure?

Road traffic in urban area will be structured to conform to a network of three levels: level 1 – main urban roads, level 2 – route functional areas, level 3 – internal roads and commercial areas. Level 1 will be built with East-West Boulevard, Vong Cung Boulevard, North-South Road. Level 2 includesbỏ lakeside roads, bridges, riverside roads, delta roads. Level 3 includes internal roads, residential areas, and public roads.

Public transports, Thu Thiem new urban area is distributed with different types and routes:

Thu Thiem Urban Area

Traffic in Thu Thiem tunnel

– Expressway line which connects the urban area with Long Thanh Airport, Dong Nai is thoroughly researched on the direction and technical requirements.

– Subway route has the function of connecting the center on Ham Nghi street, going underground from the West to the East to Thu Thiem. The Thu Thiem new urban area will be constructed with three stations: Vong Cung Boulevard, international hospital, children’s park.

– Internal bus route: It is dedicated for Thu Thiem to around Vong Cung Boulevard, through the canals no.3 and the Southern wetlands.

– The ferry line along Saigon River with high capacity has 3 stops in Thu Thiem.

– Water taxi service for small capacity has 9 stops in Thu Thiem.

– Urban bus route: crossing Saigon River Bridge, Tran Nao Street, East-West Boulevard, connecting Thu Thiem urban area to other city areas.

The investment in the construction of traffic infrastructure helps to reduce the pressure of personal vehicles such as motorbikes, cars on the traffic system, facilitates the movement residents of Thu Thiem urban area’s residents in particular and of the city people general.

There is a great potential for the development of Thu Thiem new urban area with numerous projects and investment in modern transportation infrastructure. Thu Thiem new urban area will be a turning point for the development of the city.

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