Tips Camouflage Hot Air Conditioning By Interior Design

Hot weather, air conditioners become the savior in every family in the summer. However, in terms of interior design, bulky heater bulbs become more obstructive than ever.

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Hot airplanes occupy an area that can disturb homeowners by their aesthetic presence. This is one of the cases we can not borrow to paint to solve.

 Fortunately, the interior nuisance seems to be able to overcome this dilemma by some good home design tips, let’s take a look.

Interior curtain to cover air conditioning

The gray wall is actually a curtain attached to the wall behind the bearings. And the hot air regulator is located behind the curtain like an invisible furniture (“Unless you open up the air conditioner, the curtain shakes a little,” says Doug Meyer, the designer of the shirt stealth).

Camouflage hot air conditioning by interior design

Invisible behind the gray “wall” is the air-cooled unit

Use the overhead shelf to camouflage the air conditioner

In this picture, the classic wood furniture is cleverly used as a cabinet for air conditioners, as well as slots for air flow to look both aesthetic as a home architectural detail.

You can also apply this tip to your kitchen cabinets or shelves to see the air conditioner almost blending into the home interior.

Camouflage hot air conditioning by interior design

The air conditioner is hidden behind luxurious wooden furniture.

Use the cabinet

Built-in ventilated vents will become the perfect space for your air conditioner. For higher air conditioners, you can use a cabinet, but take care to open the door for cooler

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Camouflage hot air conditioning by interior design

Having a closet to cover the hot air conditioning, the house looks more aesthetic.

Use of temperate climatic plants

Not only is the interior, hot air-conditioning units located outside the house causing aesthetic appearance.

At this time you should design the shelves with the blue of the ornamental plants to distract the eye, can be the orchids or cactus, vines, just hide the ugly hot and beautiful garden.

Camouflage hot air conditioning by interior design

Make yourself beautiful when you hide the air-conditioned cooler with ornamental plants

Hopefully, with the interior decorating tips Vietnam Real Estate synthesis, you can deftly hide the hot air coarse air conditioning without sacrificing the style of furniture for your beautiful modern home.

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