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Tips For Cleaning The House “Fast And Clean” To Welcome Tet

Tips for moving house for Tet

Before you start cleaning your home, you need to plan and time frames to complete each possible part, starting with the living room, kitchen, bedroom and finally the bathroom. There are some rules that will make your home more organized:

Where is something, let’s set there, such as a glass of water for the table or the kitchen, just for the table or the kitchen only.

Liquidating unnecessary utensils. If there are too many small things, you should put in large buckets and label to distinguish the barrel.

No hoarding. Buy something new to give away the old.

Sorting containers of widgets.

Labeling the items in your home for easy to the identification and distinguish.

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Tips for moving house for Tet
Break the buckets and label them

Living room:


For fabric or velvet seats, if it has the stain, you use alcohol with a little water dilution, then get the brush to brush several times and then get the dryer to dry stains, stains will be shop-soiled. Other materials that can be used are soda. Soda can also remove stains, especially caused by fruit. Soda also mixed with water and wiped away.

Leather sofas, you use glair and use the barge to wipe stains, the stains will disappear and the skin will also be shiny.

Tips for moving house for Tet
Tips for cleaning the sofa

TV shelf or bookshelf

TV shelf with discs, you sort according to genre or label to classify. With this form, you do not have to spend time finding the disk.

Same for book shelves, but with newspapers/magazines is longer than 1 year then you should remove to avoid your shelf overloaded unnecessary stuff.

Tips for moving house for Tet
Clean book shelf or TV shelf

As for living room furniture made of wood, you use fresh milk and a cloth to wipe the surface of the wood, the shade will be brighter and the stain will fade. In addition, you can also use candle wax (candle) applied on the stain and wet cloth to clean the surface. If there is a crack on the wood, you should apply a layer of fish oil, after a day and then wipe with a wet towel, it can overcome some. If you want to avoid rotten wood furniture and prolonged life, salt water can clean the surface of the wood.


The kitchen area is jumbled with cups, glasses, spoon chopsticks, spices, etc., so the shelves are the best. You can arrange kitchen utensils neatly. What item do you put in the compartment of the item? What to use daily is to stay low shelves. The items for partying can be put on high and arrange in a drawer. When guests come home to eat, they also see the neatness in your home. Or if there is no longer space, you can pack and label outside.

Similarly, for seasonings, we should put them in boxes or jars and label them. Labeling does not take much time, but it is also effective for your cooking. Furthermore, you should check all seasoning packages or overdue packages; Do not regret it and let discard.

Particularly for the table, you should only leave a tray of dotted items such as soy sauce, fish sauce, chili sauce, … Because when we clean the table, just lift the tray can be easily wiped. You can also put a fresh flower vase on the table to create a Tet atmosphere in the kitchen.

Tips for moving house for Tet

Tips for moving house for Tet
Cleaning the kitchen


The bedroom is not used to watch movies or work. However, if your room space is small then it is best to break things down, do not pool them together; The arrangement in your bedroom is more neat and organized. Example table just to things related to work; TV self is just for the TV stuff.

If you have a vanity table, it is good. If you do not have it, you can set your makeup in the box or drawers. One point that we should note that the makeup should not be used too long, not good for the face. We should always check the expiry date; Especially mascara after 6 months should be removed, so after a year no smell anymore should also go away.

Tips for moving house for Tet
Clean up the bedroom


Sorting by color to make your wardrobe look nicer as well as give you a quick idea of the layout.

Tips for moving house for Tet
Clean the closet

We often regret when the furniture is still new; but if you do not use it for a year, you should leave. If clothing does not wear in a year, it should also be removed. Do not think to waste, think of those who need them.


On the sink, just leave your daily things and your family. You should design shelves if space is small and there are many family members. This helps your bathroom more organized.

Tips for moving house for Tet
Clean and clean the bathroom

Finally, to reduce the workload in the home, each member of the family should have the responsibility of self-cleaning. You should also do regular cleaning, not to overcharge. If the arrangements are neat, do not take much time to clean up at the end of the year. Things that you do not need, go away or give the people they need. It is important to label things that are easy to identify. Try this Tet! Surely your house will be neat and tidy as you like.

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Tips For Cleaning The House “Fast And Clean” To Welcome Tet
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