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TNR Holdings Vietnam: Aspirations Of Bringing The Breath Of The Times

TNR Holdings Vietnam

(Construction) – After 3 years of being in the market, TNR Holdings Vietnam (TNR) has been recognized for its outstanding position in the field of real estate management due to impressive landmarks.

Branding from reputable and professional

Being the main point of a long preparation process both in terms of material and human resources, TNR appeared impressively with the launch of a series of large real estate projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the context. The market is recovering and gradually developing. This is considered a time of opportunity, but also full of difficulties and challenges with the new brand.

TNR Holdings Vietnam
TNR’s prestige choice is the factor that must be put on top.

TNR Goldmark, TNR GoldSilk Complex, TNR Gold Season, TNR The GoldView, which TNR managed and developed, has sold nearly 10,000 high-end apartments. It contributes to meet the demand of customers for a modern and civilized settlement. When the name is confirmed in the market, TNR also gradually identify the brand personality: prestige – professional – dedicated – era – durable – the characteristics needed for a business operating in real estate.

It is not difficult to understand that TNR’s reputation is a factor that must be placed first. That is very clear in TNR’s projects are executed by the top contractors. This not only helps the progress of construction as well as the quality of the work is maintained but also the key issues affirming prestige, a capacity of investors as well as commitments of investors with customers. Project progress is also the most important basis to build trust with customers and developers. All projects are running right or even exceed construction commits. Customers who buy houses at the project feel secure when the project is handed over on time and quality.

Let the “Golden” brand shine

TNR determines the main goal will be to serve the market for the best quality products. Each product is dedicated to the customer satisfaction and efficiency of work. TNR’s services always require a level of perfection, attention to detail. Dedication to each project is indispensable for an enterprise if you want to survive and develop in the long run.

Pham Thi Van Ha – Chairman and CEO of TNR always determines that this is the time TNR has confirmed the position but also the investment for sustainable development. In each step, TNR always prudent in every decision, but also willing to invest if it is necessary items and will bring long-term benefits. With TNR, success is not only present or immediate but a long way.

TNR Holdings Vietnam
TNR The GoldView is the most luxurious complex in Van Don.

TNR brings the idea of sustainability into each of our products. It is easy to see that TNR’s projects in the market are highly valued by professionals and customers. These are high-quality products that serve the community and the society. Therefore, TNR is ready to bring its worthiness.

In addition to financial investment, TNR also improves upon the introduction of modern and advanced technology solutions to the implementation of projects. If TNR Goldmark City is a complex that meets all of the mental and physical needs of its residents, TNR Gold season is the project that brings a whole new level of experience to the American lifestyle. Gold Silk Complex is a harmonious combination of European design with high-quality facilities or TNR The GoldView is the most luxurious complex of Van Don …

It is easy to see that TNR has blown the soul of the “era” into each of its products. Continuous innovation, creativity and continuous updating of technology solutions, modern management has helped TNR quickly affirm the brand in the market, by letting the products that they manage and develop themselves.

With all the achievements, with the wholeheartedness and a sustainable investment strategy and vision to become a real estate investment corporation in the top of the world in Vietnam, TNR is constantly striving to bring into the market the high-end products, raising the living standard for the residents.

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