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To buy “Transformer” interior smart apartment , receive a lot of preferences

To buy Transformer interior smart apartment , receive a lot of preferences

In the event of launching “Transformer smart interior apartment” will be held on August 19, customers ordering Anland apartment Complex with area from 75-80m2 will be received interior package worth 60 million and many other gifts.

In order to stimulate the market supply and bring Anland Complex (Anland) – close to younger families, Nam Cuong owner offers discount package with many gifts.

According to Nam Cuong Group, as soon as the launching was announced, many young families who are looking for a suitable size and comfortable green place has come to visit the sample apartment and are pleased to sign a purchase contract.

Especially, in August, Nam Cuong has launched a limited number of high-end Anland apartments with an area of 75-80m2 will be offered a “Transformer” package worth VND 60 million, including smart designed furniture for multi-functional room.

This type of apartment is designed to make maximum utilities of using space with 2 bedrooms, 1 functional room, 1 living room, 2 toilets and 1 kitchen but still ensure airy space to receive sunlight, natural wind with a spacious balcony for planting trees, fruit.

The uniqueness of “Transformer” furniture package will provide a multi-functional space meeting the variety of needs of family’s member such as reading, working, relaxing, exercising gym or even being a bedroom.

In terms of favorable policies, all customers successfully ordering to buy apartment in August will receive a discount up to 6.89%. If you make early payment by your own money, customers are also entitled to preference of 9%/year for the early payment amount and the day of early payment.

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The project will be officially delivered in the second quarter of 2018, but if  ordering now, customers will only have to pay 20% of the apartment’s value in phase 1. When in need of making financial loans, sponsor bank, TPBank is available to disburse up to 75% of the apartment’s price with a loan term up to 20 years.

Using the loan package for early payment, customers will benefit 0% interest rate till receiving the house (not later than June 30, 2018) as well as a discount rate up to 4.38%.

More specially, customers purchase apartment in this August will be participate in a lucky draw with great value such as 510 liters Side by Side Refrigerator, 50 inch Led TV, Electrolux Inverter Washing Machine.

Located at favorable location in Duong Noi urban area, a Zero-Energy-oriented urban area, Anland is benefited its green space and synchronous utility system. In April, 2017, Anland is officially received the green certificate, which will help its residents to save between 20% and 27% of their monthly utility bills.

Especially, Nam Cuong Group is currently planting thousands of trees in order to “green” 200ha of Duong Noi urban area for a fresh environment for the community.

With the above favorable incentives, this is the right time for both buyers to live and invest with double benefit from the owner’s sale policies.

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