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To introducing new sub-zones, new policies at Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony

To introducing new sub-zones, new policies at Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony

At the recent launch of Tulip sub-zone, Vingroup investor not only introduced one of the most valuable sun-zone of the project but also provided an attractive financial support policy.

Located near the 12.4ha central equalizing reservoir, Tulip is the greenest area of Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony with its 4 large green parks and many beautiful local landscapes. In addition, Tulip also inherited the vast green space of Vinhomes Riverside of phase 1 including 60 hectares of greenery and 12.8 km of canals.

Vinhomes Riverside of phase 1 is likened to a miniature Venice in the Hanoi center with neoclassical villas running along the canal of 12.8km long. The view of Vinhomes Riverside from the corners of the canal junction is really similar to Venice.

From what is being “seen, heard” in the current Vinhomes Riverside urban area, customers and investors are convinced when visualizing the second sub-zone – The Harmony in general and the Tulip sub-zone in particular. Venice style at Tulip is more clearly expressed through the exterior design of the villa.

In addition to the familiar products that are single villas and duplex villas, Tulip Sub-zone also has townhouses. Experts estimate that this is the type has its own attraction. With reasonable price, suitable area, townhouses at Tulip will be an ideal home for young family with good income.

At present, Vingroup Owner provides a very good policy to support customers buying houses / villas in Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony. In particular, customers buying products at the project will only have to pay 15% of the value of the house/villa to be eligible to conclude sale contract. In addition, customers will also receive loans up to 65% of the product’s value.

The special feature of this policy is that customers will not be paid interest rate for their loans for up to 18 months but no later than February 19, 2019 applied for Huong Duong sub-zone, Phong Lan sub-zone, part of Que Quat sub-zone and no later than January 25, 2019 for remaining ones.

This special preferential policy will be an extremely favorable opportunity for customers to own luxury villas at Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony while still taking advantage of idle capital to invest in business during the period entitled to interest rate preferences.

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Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony project is expected by many customers, including residents who have lived in Phase 1. The Tulip is rated as “vedette” of Phase 2 because it is very close to the central lake with area of more than 12.4 ha – excellent air conditioning source for the entire urban area.

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