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to link real estate trading floor to prevent disturbed brokerage

to link real estate trading floor to prevent disturbed brokerage

In the complex reality of non-genuine brokers that disturbs the market and the intricacies of home buyers and investors, one of the initiatives is to link between real estate trading floors.

The fact that many real estate “brokers” arbitrarily inflated selling  prices of apartments, put pressure on customers to collect brokerage fees is not a new situation in the real estate market.

The scope of brokerage activities ranges from newly opened projects to sale of apartments, houses and land transferred directly from the landlord. Buyers must accept additional payment to get the appropriate  apartment, or pay a higher transfer fee than agreed.

These cases are common to non-genuine brokers, unlike brokers who are constantly working to connect investors, home sellers and home buyers with the right fee collection.

After the project is completed and handed over, the investor and the resident face the problem of high brokerage fees instead of the brokerage fee for rental is 1% of  selling value and 1-month contract fee for 12-month lease contract, in many cases require higher.

Non-genuine brokerage does not provide adequate information, resulting in the loss of time, or dispute, even bearing loss due to much trust in brokerage.

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The above cases are beyond the control of the owner as these are separate agreements between the landlord and the broker. This resulted that the owner fails to intervene in to protect residents.

Although the transfer between residents and external customers may be considered as unrelated to the owners or project developers or  managers and is not liable under current law . However, many good hearted investors also wants to  make information transparent to protect the residents of the project.

One of the initiatives from the developers of the apartment project can be mentioned is the cooperation between Anpha Holdings Group – the technical management consultant about the handover of The Park Residence project in Nha Be , HCMC and 3D Rever Real Estate Trading floor (

To start-up the real estate transaction system applied IT technology was selected as the official unit to implement the transferring and renting apartments at The Park Presidence.

Accordingly, information about the fees, service prices, … are transparent, so non-genuine brokerage has no chance to disturb.

With the norms and goals pursued by  a startup company like Rever , standardization of regulations and information transparency are key factors to crate trust for customers and  credibility for enterprises.

Accordingly, the transfer fee is fixed 1% and the brokerage fee for one-year contract is one month’s rent. In addition, there are no extra costs incurred even if this enterprise also  provides free services.

The seller/buyer or the lessee/lessor  also feel more secured because transfer files through the investor channel are prioritized for approval, transactions through Rever are supported entire arising administrative  procedure.

In addition, Rever is a startup company in the field of real estate brokerage on online to offline platform, with online promotional products,  marketing and multi-link pages for advertising to promote transactions for customers fast and free.

Evenly, Rever’s image department not only supports in taking photo of  home/apartment professionally, but also builds 3D models so buyers/lessee can see more closely at the product they are interested in.

In fact, Rever has applied these policies to all customers in the past time and it is the full-service that make customers feel comfortable  has resulted in choosing Rever of investor.

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