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To look for a profitable investment channel for idle cash flow

Da Nang City

How to make good and safe profitability is what those having idle cash flow often thinks about.

Ms. Mai – living in Hanoi recently invested a condotel in Danang, said: “Initially, when coming Hoi An, Da Nang for vacation, we came up with the idea of ​​buying a house here for convenience in staying, resting when travelling here. During the period not staying here, we can sub-lease to the tourists and make profit.

Finding out the potential of tourism in this area makes my husband and I feel very excited. However, when thinking over, we see that this investment plan is not very feasible. The problem lies that we do not have enough time, effort to attract the travelers. In addition, there must be a residence service while we do not know how to operate it. “

Meanwhile, condotel is a combination between apartment and hotel. Condotel is different from conventional apartment such as being located in potential tourist areas with professional management units, visitors are entitled to full of tourist services, entertainment…

Another attraction of condotel is the profitability commitment from the owner. This is also a prevailing trend in the real estate market nowadays. The representative of the Empire Group – the owner of Cocobay project in Da Nang said: “For Condotel segment of Cocobay, typically Coco Skyline Resort project, the company is committed to customers at a minimum profit of 12% of the value of the project annually and this rate will remain constant for 8 years.

Compared to the average rate on the condotel market a present is 8 – 10%, the commitment rate of Coco Skyline Resort is quite high.

The commitment of the investor also means that customers buying condotel can feel secured when annual profit is higher than bank deposit (currently apply the highest deposit interest rate of 8%), or do not worry about making business plan, rental as for investing in a condo or land.

Condotel Coco Skyline Resort is priced from 1.4 billion/unit. In which, SHB will support 60% of loans with preferential interest rate within 15-20 years.

Once completing the paperwork and the bank starts disbursing, the Empire Group will apply the profit commitment of 12% per year, equivalent to 156 million per year. Combined with the profit from the rental, the ability to return capital in a short time can be achieved.

Coco Skyline Resort is located in luxury 5-star resort complex of Cocobay. With this location, visitors can easily access and use high-class facilities in the complex worth 11,000 billion in the coastal Danang.

In addition, the locality of the Coco Skyline Resort also has prominent facilities such as swimming pool, rooftop gym, mini basketball court, beach yoga area. In addition, there also have abundant cuisine services such as café, bar and luxurious European and American restaurant system.

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Each condotel here is equipped with high-class facilities such as reception desk, wall cabinets, TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner, induction cooker and “Smart Condotel” technology application. With this technology, it will be more comfortable, more convenient for travellers to control devices such as televisions, door locks, curtains, lighting system via smartphone.

The project has now finished the top. The main contractor also pushes up the construction progress so that from the first quarter of 2018, Coco Skyline Resort will be handed over to customers. Thus, within more 9 months from the time the customer booked and the project is put into operation, Coco Skyline Resort will begin to make profit for investors.

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