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Top 5 Intermediate Apartments In HCMC Today

Intermediate property is a trend of property in our country in general and of Ho Chi Minh City in particular in the period 2017 – 2020.

In order to meet the increasing demand for housing of people, in the past year, eyes a series of intermediate apartment projects. In this article, Vietnam Real Estate would like to introduce readers to the top 5 hottest apartment projects in HCMC today.

City Gate project 3 – VND780 million / unit

City Gate 3 was started construction in early 2017 with two large investors is 577 and CII. City Gate 3 is located in front of An Duong Vuong Street, District 8, adjacent to Vo Van Kiet Street. From here, it takes less than 10 minutes to drive to the city center or to neighboring districts such as District 6, District 5, District 3, etc. According to experts in the field of property, City Gate 3 is considered to be the most beautiful, most convenient, and most convenient medium-sized condominium in Saigon West.

The Most Expensive Apartment in HCMC
City gate 3

City Gate 3 promises to give users a modern, sophisticated living space in the style of the sunrise country. The facilities of City Gate 3 are considered to be the best and most modern in the area, especially the swimming pool is international standard only behind the Phu Tho swimming pool.

Prices ranged from VND780 million to VND1.2 billion per unit, with concessional lending services, a very attractive percentage discount. City Gate 3 promises to be an Intermediate property product favored by many people.

The Rubi Homes Project (Binh Chanh District) – VND460 million / unit

This is a project invested by Huynh Thong Group with approximately 200 apartments located in South Saigon area. Rubi Homes is located on Tran Dai Nghia Street near the turn of Nguyen Van Linh and Ring Road 2 so traffic is relatively convenient, especially the western road.

Rubi Homes apartment design focuses on utmost convenience and optimal use. Utilities in the Rubi Homes project are quite distinctive such as spill pools, sports complexes or water park .. to help residents enjoy the moments of comfort and relaxation with the family…

The Most Expensive Apartment in HCMC
Beautiful design of Ruby Home

With a price of only VND460 million / 2-bedroom apartments is entitled to 60% of the loan value of Rubi Homes will definitely be a perfect suggestion when looking to buy apartments in central HCMC.

The project Citisoho (District 2) – VND852 million / unit

Citisoho District 2 apartment is an intermediate apartment project in Cat Lai urban area. Situated at the gateway to the east of Saigon, Citisoho District 2 is relatively prime location adjacent to many key economic areas such as District 7, Long Thanh and Dong Nai.

The Most Expensive Apartment in HCMC
Perspective of apartment project Citisoho District 2

The design of the Citisoho District 2 apartment is minimalist in style. The project encourages the use of natural energy sources, with open spaces and winds to highlight the superiority.

Citisoho District 2 apartments are offered for sale starting at about VND852 million / 2 bedroom apartments. Citizens of Citizens Apartment District 2 also offer attractive incentives for customers including 0% loan support program or attractive interest discount.

Sai Gon AVENUE apartment project – VND900 million / unit

Sai Gon AVENUE apartment in Saigon East is considered to be extremely well located on the front of Ring Road 2, adjacent to 4 roads of the whole city such as Highway 13; Vo Vo Cong highway; Highway 1A, Ring Road 2 … to serve the needs of people travel more convenient.

The Most Expensive Apartment in HCMC
The green space of AVENUE Thu Duc apartment

The design of the midrange AVENUE apartments attaches importance to space, brightness and the ability to receive natural wind. In addition, the design of the Saigon AVENUE landscape focuses on building a green space with the desire to bring residents into the project fresh and freshest living environment. In addition to the positive aspects of design and environment, AVENUE also promises to satisfy customers by the modern facilities, such as great gym, spa, swimming pool, children’s play area.

With rates ranging from VND900 million to VND1.1 billion / 3 bedroom apartments with full facilities. Saigon AVENUE is a great choice for many family members who want to build a home.

Topaz Home – VND595 million per unit

Topaz Home is a mid-size condominium project built by Thuan Kieu Trading Service Company and Van Thai Land. Topaz Home is located on Phan Van Hon Street, crowded and modern of Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City’s North West Gate.

The Most Expensive Apartment in HCMC
Topaz Home panorama District 12

Topaz Home is designed in a modern Singaporean style but still very close to nature. Real estate experts rated the level of greening and utilities Topaz Home is superior to other projects in the same segment.

Topaz Home has a scale of about 1200 apartments with an area of about 40sqm – 70sqm with a price of VND595 million / unit. This is a very attractive price for young couples or workers who are intending to own a home in this area.

The top 5 intermediate apartments projects in HCM City. With the relatively cheap price of less than VND1 billion, customers of Vietnam Real Estate can find you the middle-class apartments with suitable price and advantages.

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