Top 5 Most Luxurious Real Estate Projects In Ho Tay

In recent years, the need to live in a perfect environment has increased. Capture the trend of the market, the investors have launched in the West Lake series of high-end apartment real estate. Let’s go through 5 real estate projects in West Lake hot.

Project Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence

Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence is a West Lake apartment project owned and managed by Sun Realty, a member of the Sun Group. The project is located at 69B Thuy Khue, Hanoi with extremely favorable location with two parks Bach Thao and neighboring Ho Tay, connecting Thuy Khue and Hoang Hoa Tham.

Top 5 most luxurious real estate projects in Ho Tay

Overview of Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence

With more than 8,500 m of the construction area and more than 6,639 m of the landscape, Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence will be a complex of 519 high-rise apartments, 4 storeys commercial center, 3 floors of A-class office and both Highly accessible parking.

This promises to be a luxurious living environment, ideal for residents as well as investment channels to profit investors in a series of real estate projects West Lake.

PentStudio apartment project

Rent studio apartment project is a high-class West Lake apartment project that meets the standards of 5-star hotels invested by CTX Holdings and The Ascott.

Located at 699 Lac Long Quan, Ho Tay District, Pentstudio owns a gold location with many large convenient transportation routes. From here we only take about 15 minutes to move to Ba Dinh Square, 20 minutes to the city center and just walk only West Lake appeared before.

Top 5 most luxurious real estate projects in Ho Tay

Sky bar of Pentstudio

PentStudio is built on an area of 2,758 sqm designed with a tower with 18 floors and 3 basements. The entire West Lake real estate project has 319 luxury apartments of which 147 serviced apartments and 172 commercial apartments. Customers will choose the apartments according to their needs with the design from 45 to 156 sqm. Especially this is one of the few apartment projects along the West Lake up to 5m, with loft design open space.

When buying apartments near West Lake PentStudio customers will receive 0% interest subsidy until they receive the house, are committed to renting at a fixed interest rate of 5% in 10 years, is committed to buying furniture with 75% Value after 10 years of use.

With the perfect infrastructure, PentStudio will be a smart choice for those who are looking for a luxury apartment, a wonderful living environment next to West Lake.

Tay Ho Residence project

Tay Ho Residence is an apartment complex consisting of 4 buildings ranging from 15 to 27 floors ranging in size from 58 to 125 m. This real estate project is located at 445 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho. This is a location with the easy transportation system, easy to move to Thang Long Theater, offices or agencies, ministries and other commercial centers.

Top 5 most luxurious real estate projects in Ho Tay

Tay Ho Residence with space to enjoy for comfortable life

The whole project is built on a land area of 24,000 m, of which 6,166 sqm is for building high-rise buildings and 4,118 sqm for low-floor houses. Currently, the owner offers the price of these apartments is from 26 to 32 million sqm, just deposit VND50 million you have one of the most luxurious apartments in the real estate market West Lake now.

With a clever arrangement, Tay Ho Residence promises to provide residents with a relaxed and comfortable living environment with many amenities such as restaurant, swimming pool, the business center as well as medical services. , the amusement park for children …

Sunshine Riverside Apartment

Sunshine Riverside is a high-class property named Tay Ho built a total area of 11,953 sqm including two 31-storey buildings, one 34-storey building and two basement parking. The project has 3 floors for a commercial center and office class A, the remaining area for 932 high-end apartments with the design from 57sqm to 114 sqm.

With its convenient location, easily accessible to the downtown area, Sunshine Riverside offers a range of amenities including swimming pool, cinema, business center, 5 Stars, Gym & Spa, Indoor entertainment area …

With the price of only VND1.8 billion / unit, customers have the opportunity to own a Sunshine Riverside apartment with many promotions such as 5-year management fee, commitment to lease back with interest rates, the interest rate of banks …

With top-class elements, Sunshine Riverside will be an excellent choice for living and be investing in West Lake real estate.

D ‘Le Roi Soleil Quang An Project

D ‘Le Roi Soleil Quang An is a luxury hotel and apartment project designed in classical and neo-classical European style and architecture of Tan Hoang Minh Group. It can be said, this is a high-end real estate project prominent in the real estate market in West Lake. D ‘Le Roi Soleil Quang An Project is located on the peninsula of Quang An – beautiful location in the area of Tay Ho.

The total land area is 9,852 sqm, in which the construction area is 4,046 sqm. D ‘Le Roi Soleil Quang An consists of 6 tunnels and 25 floors with 498 luxury apartments designed from 83sqm to 344sqm.

Top 5 most luxurious real estate projects in Ho Tay

D’Le Roi Soleil Quang An is a magnificent French architecture in the heart of the capital

 Currently, Tan Hoang Minh Group is launching a number of incentive programs for customers wishing to purchase luxury apartments at D ‘Le Roi Soleil as a two-year management fee, paying 30% of the total value. will be handed over apartment day, interest rate support 0% bank when receiving home …

The above are five high-end and prominent Ho Tay real estate projects on the market. Hopefully, with our suggestions, you will get a better view of the high-end apartment market in West Lake and know more about high-end apartment projects that make the West Lake real estate market crazy.

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