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Topaz elite to launch the phoenix 2 project earlier than expected

Topaz elite to launch the phoenix 2 project earlier than expected


620 apartments of Phoenix 1 belonging to Topaz Elite project (Ho Chi Minh City), has been sold in just over a month after launching to the market and 5 hours announced to sell on July15, 2017, said Van Thai Land investor.

With the above result, Topaz Elite has added its name to the list of projects of Van Thai Land. The company said that it has decided to launch the Phoenix 2 apartment sooner than expected to serve the needs of its customers.

Phoenix 2 apartment is located in front of Cao Lo street with 30 m wide road boundary moving to District 1 in 10 minutes only. This apartment has the most spacious view of the project, 100% of the apartment view is not obstructed. Phoenix 2 has the view to the local water park or the city.

From Phoenix 2, customers can easily connect to local amenities such as green parks, spring gardens, flowers covered walkways, outdoor sports area, tennis courts, etc.

Owning the frontage of Cao Lo of 30m wide and spacious view, but the price of Phoenix 2 price is only 22 million dong / m2, according to the owner.

In addition to its own advantages, Phoenix 2 also owns the common advantage of the whole project with 66 high-end green facilities including four season gardens at the four entrances to the apartment complex; 600 m2 wide Elite Pool; Elite Oasis Café, Sky Zen Garden, Light Square, BBQ, International Kindergarten, ….The total area of facilities and ​​green landscape is up to 30,000 m2.

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The project also owns 60,000 m2 of Elite Mall. It convenes together more than 200 domestic and foreign brands as well as other high-end closed amenities for residents.

Topaz Elite is located in the overall project of culture – sports – tourism park in the south of Ta Quang Buu Street, District 8, HCMC. The project has area of 16 hectares, adjacent to Ta Quang Buu, Cao Lo, Nguyen Thi Thap frontages and one side is adjacent to Xang canal is divided into 3 phases, in which the third phase is expected to be a large park of nearly 10 hectares. .

In which, the second phase of Topaz Elite has area of 40,018 m2, including 2,339 apartments which are divided into Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2, Dragon 1 and Dragon 2.

From Topaz Elite, it takes 10 – 15 minutes to move to the center of the neighboring districts such as Ben Thanh Market of District 1, Phu My Hung of District 7, Ben Van Don of District 4 and Lon Market of District 5.

District 8 has conveniently location adjacent to District 1, District 4, District 5, District 6, District 7, Binh Tan District, Binh Chanh District with infrastructure system growing constantly.

According to Van Thai Land, customers booking to buy Phoenix 2 apartment can receive a prize of a vacation for 2 persons to Bali, Indonesia.

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