Tourism real estate: strategies that make the difference

In the beginning of September, Empire Group, the owner of Cocobay Da Nang Entertainment Complex, again stirred up the market by launching a new, exciting condotel line for children and families. The project is named Coco Wonderland Resort.

Aiming to billions of dollar-potential in the entertainment industry for children, the Empire Group said it would turn this business line into channel of profit for investors.

Strategy of the Empire Group

Cocobay has officially launched and has been marked on the real estate market for more than a year. This period is not short for a real estate project aiming to maintain attractiveness to buyers. But by its own strategies, Empire Group has made Cocobay attractive to investors and visitors.

Only by the characteristic of tourism and entertaining property of Cocobay with lucrative potential has attracted many investors. But it is because of this characteristic that Cocobay is required to be invested in the most appropriate and most careful way to become the “world entertainment destination” and attract an average of 3 million arrivals coming here to stay, and relax annually.

This is not a small number, and it will put a lot of pressure on the owner. It is required to have a solution to make Cocobay constantly attract visitors. A Cocobay of each person – That’s the way the Empire Group creates the difference for this entertaining complex.

Not only creating the common entertainment complex such as: walking street with system of restaurant, bar, coffee shop, vibrant shopping center; Cocobay also divides into each condotel area and creates interesting accommodation messages.

An example is Coco Ocean Resort which will provide young people with comfortable moments; Boutique Hotel offers affordable price, suitable for friend groups; Coco Skyline Resort or Wellness Court Condotel Coco Ocean-Spa Resort for health and beauty.

With an ambition to make Cocobay the tourist destination which can’t be ignored in Vietnam, Empire Group has continued to develop its exciting product line dedicated for children and family named Coco Wonderland Resort.

This is also a new step of Empire Group, because the potential in the children’s entertainment industry is valued at billions of dollars.

And in reality, according to N Kid Corporation, a well-known company specializing in the children’s entertainment business, the size of this market is estimated at USD 3.1 billion/year, with a profit margin of about 30% . This is just a potential figure for the indoor entertainment industry for children.

If knowing how to exploit, develop stronger to expand the scale, improve service quality, several tens of billions of US dollars is not the limit of profit that the entertainment sector for children can bring.

With Coco Wonderland Resort, Empire Group said that it would create a large-scale utilities and services system inspired by wonderland to best serve children customers. Fairy Garden with Smurfs mushroom house, giant chess board, tree maze, magical lake, light forest and interesting house on the tree of Jungle Boy, pumpkin carriage, transformed god mirror deformation, glittering flower garlands and coloured lanterns…

In addition, other facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant, pool bar, lounge, coffee shop … are also built and developed in the image of fairy tales. This is also the first condotel building possessing the first snow and ice playing area named ​​The Snow Queen in the Central and modern cinemas of 1,100 m2 wide.

Investment opportunities

It is the formation of the diverse utility systems attracting many types of customer, the potential of Cocobay is undeniable. When the number of guest is large, long stay, use more services will make a profit for investors.

Not to mention, previously, Empire Group has also offered a profit commitment to customers owning Cocobay. For example, Coco Wonderland Resort has the committed margin of a minimum 12% /year for 8 consecutive years.

The rate of 12%/year will also be seen as feasible for the owner upon payment because when the project is attractive enough to attract customers, the payment of committed profit will not be difficult.

According to Empire Group, each one bedroom condotel at Coco Wonderland Resort costs averagely at about 1.8 billion. In which, customers only need to pay a single amount of 720 million to own immediately, the rest amount will be supported by SHB loan and free of interest-rate until the project is delivered.

Thus, with the initial investment of 720 million, customers of Coco Wonderland Resort will receive about 216 million/year. This amount is enough to pay both principal and interest rate for bank loans. Not to mention, if the business operation is smooth, the profit rate will be higher.

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