Tourism and resort property: Halong is the ‘champion’ in the North

Ha Long – Quang Ninh is referred to as a “new resort paradise”. Along with that, the real estate market in the city is also hectic and hotter than ever, when a series of real estate projects tourism and resorts are invested professional and synchronized.

Ha Long is on the breakthrough

It can be said that Ha Long is on the development of speed, when the city is invested heavily in infrastructure, traffic. Along with that, the chain of entertainment, entertainment and relaxation in Ha Long also contributes to create a new class for this ideal tourist destination.

Ha Long has more motivation to make spectacular breakthroughs in economics and tourism as Quang Ninh excels over Da Nang to become the provincial PCI provincial competitiveness index 2017. This is an important premise to Tourism growth of Ha Long this year will exceed the milestone of 7 million visitors in 2017.

The Australian department store of the Sun Plaza Grand World project.

The Australian department store of the Sun Plaza Grand World project.

Explaining why Da Nang and Phu Quoc are not the best places to visit, Professor Dang Hung Vo, former Vice Minister of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment It is said that visitors to Vietnam want to come to Ha Long, Quang Ninh – where two times are recognized as natural heritage, geological heritage. Ha Long Bay was voted one of the seven wonders of the world.

According to this professor, while Danang has been marked on the world tourism map as the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Ha Long Bay with the potential as well as the advantages of vacation resort is the need for world-class tourism projects recognized.

“There are Sun Group and a number of other corporations are implementing projects with the desire to create a unique tourist accommodation. Hopefully, Ha Long will have some works marked on the world tourist map, “said Professor Dang Hung Vo.

This is gradually becoming a reality when the chain of entertainment, entertainment and relaxation in Ha Long include Sun World Halong Complex, Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay and most recently Sun Plaza Grand World project is going to go. In the near future, forming a “resort paradise” class, attracting large number of domestic and foreign tourists to the city of wonders. This is what makes “dragon land” become “promised land” for investors.

Investing in “golden” land, sustainable profitability

Great potential, “golden opportunity” drag capital investment “crisis” constantly poured into Ha Long made the real estate market up here. Investors are also “sitting idle,” as real estate prices continue to rise, especially in prime locations such as Sun Plaza Grand World’s Sun Plaza shophouse located in Bai Chay center, being on Ha Long Stress.

In addition to its multi-continental design, the Sun Group also offers an architectural masterpiece beyond the heritage of its heritage. They have the advantage of being suitable for many business lines.

If the interior area with outstanding advantages near the sea, easy to pick up the wind from the Bay and bring a spacious space, not too noisy, suitable for spa salon, hair salon or mini hotel, In addition to bustling, it is especially suitable for restaurants, fashion labels or souvenir shops.

Morocco shophouse division of the Sun Plaza Grand World project.

Morocco shophouse division of the Sun Plaza Grand World project.

Dang Dinh Duy, owner of a spa in Bai Chay, Ha Long – one of the investors has decided a unit in the Australian subdivision, Sun Plaza Grand World project said, he saw the golden opportunity when the shophouse This is perfect: “The project is located in a beautiful location, approaching the huge tourist influx. Ha Long now has more new tourism products, become crowded destination year round, so any business travel services also hit.

Besides, the Sun Plaza Grand World shophouse has very attractive lucrative prospects. Customers can borrow up to 70% of shophouse value, get 0% interest rate support in 12 months. “This is a great leverage for investors to own a 5-star shophouse in the heart of the city. Ha Long with the initial capital of only VND3 billion, “Duy calculated.

Without using the financial support package, customers will receive attractive offers never before. Under the current program, customers will receive 4% of shophouse value directly minus the cost. And if you pay early 95% of the shophouse value customers will receive up to 5% (based on detailed sales policy). If you want to invest in a second shophouse, you will continue to receive a 1% discount on the shophouse.

According to the calculations of economic experts, compared with the investment amount, if depositing bank savings, investors only collect regularly 5-6% per year. If you use that money to shophouse shop, customers can be sure that the profit will fluctuate from 10-12% per year in the near future.

Perspective of Sun Carnival Plaza.

Perspective of Sun Carnival Plaza.

In addition, with the advantage of long-term ownership, shophouse owners will enjoy the momentum of real estate prices in the tourism market is on a spectacular growth as Ha Long. Speaking as Professor Dang Hung Vo, a place with high tourist attractions such as Ha Long, plus a special place to stay, always make a sustainable profit in investment, the future, Ha Long still has big surplus to develop luxury tourist accommodation establishments. Of course, investors need to quickly choose the “gold” position to not miss the opportunity.

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