Traffic problems at SaiGon Sports City District 2

Occupying an impressive location just opposite the busy Rach Gia residential area, SaiGon Sports City apartment project with super-large scale is a prominent spotlight in the market of luxury apartments in the East. Given the current state of transport infrastructure is planning and development of the most modern, not too difficult to imagine traffic problems in this area in the future.

Realestatevietnam will share its assessment of the infrastructure, connectivity and linkage of the project Sports City District 2, giving customers a more detailed and objective view of the project.

SaiGon Sports City is located in the area of ​​modern synchronous infrastructure

Sai Gon Sports City Keppel Land is adjacent to the city’s three main traffic routes, namely Mai Chi Tho Avenue, Hanoi Highway and Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway. Complex traffic problems are solved when these are large roads that can directly connect the project to the key residential areas in District 2, District 9 and the downtown area.

Location of Saigon Sports City project

Location of Saigon Sports City project

Connections from SaiGon Sports City to Keppel Land (around the country).

As one of the largest planning projects in the area (about 67 hectares), right from the beginning of the news, Sai Gon Sports City Keppel Land has successfully attracted a large number of customers. Many customers and investors have been quick to learn about the project in order to capture the best opportunity to invest in this Keppel Land project.

The project is located in the “hot spot” area of ​​real estate in the East, besides active cargoes of major urban areas being deployed such as Him Lam City, Palm Garden, Gem

Riverside, … In addition, the project is adjacent to the high-end residential areas that have been operating in An Phu – An Khanh such as Lexington City, Estella or Cantavil.

The two frontages are adjacent to two arterial roads: one side is Song Hanh expressway, the other is intersecting with the road linking Mai Chi Tho with Hanoi Highway and the turn to Rach Chiec crossing. Accordingly, the future residents in the project will have a lot of transport options if you want to move to the surrounding area, very convenient easy.

If you want to move from the center of District 1, other urban areas of District 2, District 3 or Binh Thanh District to SaiGon Sports City District 2, you can choose the following options:

+ Thu Thiem Tunnel => Mai Chi Tho Avenue => Project: It takes about 14 minutes to move.

+ Saigon Bridge => Hanoi Highway => Project: Lost 10 minutes by car.

With other neighborhoods like District 9, Thu Duc District, you can connect to the project on the route:

+ High Impact Road => Project: It takes less than 5 minutes to move.

Connecting from SaiGon Sports City apartments to nearby key economic zones

Road traffic and connectivity problems are one of the most concerned customer factors when learning about apartment in Distric  2. Can SaiGon Sports City’s regional connectivity be convenient?

Similar to the above analysis, with the advantage of transport infrastructure developed and adjacent to the key traffic of the city, Saigon Sports City apartment project connected to the key economic areas The proximity is also extremely convenient, quick and time saving is first noticed with the location of this project.

The advantage is that the distance is moderate, can connect quickly to any adjacent area if you want to help the project conquered crowded customers at first sight. The important point that customers search in apartment projects are now most interested in the situation of congestion in the big cities of our country.

Specifically, if you want to connect with the key economic zones, you can choose the transportation options as follows:

+ District 9 High Tech Park: Project => Cao Bang High Speed ​​Road => Vo Chi Cong Road (only 15 minutes to move)

+ Thu Thiem Financial Area: Project => Mai Chi Tho Boulevard (less than 3km, it takes about 3 -5 minutes to move).

+ Other existing economic zones such as Phuoc Long Port, IDC Port, Cat Lai Port … within 8km of re-entry: only take 15-20 minutes to move.

The above are the objective analysis and evaluation of Realestatevietnam on the current status of infrastructure and traffic problems in the apartment project SaiGon Sports City.

Hope this articleh will help you understand more about this project.

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