Transportation options of Palm Garden apartment

The ability to connect traffic from the project Palm Garden Apartments .Is the road axis roundabout convenient way to move around and connect to the area? In the following article, Realestatevietnam will share their comments and assessments to answer customers questions about this issue.

As the second phase of the Palm City Keppel Land project, the Palm Garden high-end apartment project possesses outstanding advantages in terms of infrastructure. regional level and the ability to connect super convenient transportation is many customers and investors appreciate and choose this as an investment.

Perspective designed between Palm Heights and Palm Garden

Perspective designed between Palm Heights and Palm Garden

The traffic capacity of Palm Garden apartment District 2

When looking for information on any project, the location of the project and the ability to connect is always the criteria put on the customer first. Warm family with family is convenient place for living, working and study of the whole family. So if you choose to buy this apartment District 2 to stay, customers will benefit from the location, Regional infrastructure and transport connectivity?

Urban projects around Palm Garden Keppel Land

Palm Garden apartment project is a high-rise subdivision of the Palm City Keppel Land in District 2. Following the success of the first phase of Palm Height, the project has been positioned by the owner to be more advanced and will have the utilities superior quality. Palm Garden inherited and promoted the strengths of Keppel Land’s previous major success.

Located right in the heart of the residential area of ​​Nam Rach, the most crowded and most developed market in the East, the project has outstanding advantages that few projects are located in front of Song Hanh expressway. Long Thanh – Giau Dây, located in the high residential area of ​​Rach Chiec and adjacent to many large urban projects and other luxury apartments.

Imagine a little, if you choose to go along the route Highway Express Highway from the An Phu intersection district 2, the order of major projects are developing in the area will be the following: urban projects Palm City; Gem Riverside Luxury Apartment project – Lakeview City urban area of ​​Novaland Group.

Transportation options for residents of Palm Garden

Fortunately, the location is quite convenient, right in front of Song Hanh expressway, adjacent to the major traffic works in the area, the apartment project Palm Garden District 2 has the ability to connect traffic extremely flexible and convenient.

Choosing to live in the project apartment, the future residents will have many options for connecting traffic:

Move to District 1 just 10 minutes through Highway Highway -> Mai Chi Tho -> Thu Thiem tunnel or Thu Thiem bridge.

Move to the center of Binh Thanh District only 10 minutes by car through Song Hanh highway, connecting directly to Hanoi Highway and across Saigon Bridge.

Move to urban areas, residential development of District 2 such as new financial center, Thu Thiem urban area, Thao Dien residential area, An Phu An residential area.

Khanh, administrative center of District 2 Thanh My Loi, … only takes about 03 minutes – 05 minutes.

And just that much time: 10 minutes to move to District 7 through High Speed ​​Band and Ring Road 2.

In addition, from the Palm Garden apartment project District 2, customers can move to District 9 high-tech zone with just 05 minutes.

Transportation around Palm Garden

Besides the convenient transportation connection, around the Palm Garden apartment project, the infrastructure system is also being invested by the city.

Palm Garden Keppel Land – green space in the heart of the city

In particular, the most prominent traffic works include the expressway of Song Hanh Expressway which was officially started construction in April, 2017, expected to be completed after 2 years, providing a perfect solution to help solving most of the traffic problems in the area.

With a total investment capital of up to VND 800 billion, Song Hanh Expressway has the width of 40 meters with 04 lanes, extending from the intersection with Luong Dinh Cua to Vanh Dai 2. This will also be Key paths and future residents of the Palm Garden project will be available on a daily basis.

In addition, there are many other prominent traffic works as well as the 03-storey An Phu traffic junction, including overpass and tunnel; Lien Phuong road extends from the intersection with Do Xuan Hop street to near Cat Lai intersection, close to Ring Road 2, Thu Thiem bridge 2, 3 and 4 projects.

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