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Tu Liem -Hanoi is affirming its strong position in the real estate market in Hanoi

Overview of the project apartment mini class Xuan Dinh 1.2

The apartment market in Tu Liem, Hanoi is stronger and the value of real estate here increases. There are a lot of apartment projects, cheap apartments sprouting up here and here are some typical examples.

Dinh Thon Senior Apartment Building, My Dinh

This project is located near the national conference center, near Me Tri street, 300sqm from Pham Hung street, 400sqm from Big C Garden … This is the mini apartment building with the most central location in Tu Liem, Hanoi.

Dinh Thon high-end apartment building is built on an area of ​​over 200 sqm with 5 apartments / floor area from 38 sqm to 49 sqm. With the central location, the apartments here have higher selling prices than other locations, namely the price of the high-end apartment Dinh Thon from VND590 million to VND860 million, depending on the floor.

Dinh Thon Senior Apartment Building, My Dinh
Dinh Thon Senior Apartment Building, My Dinh

Apartment project An Binh Co Nhue

An Binh Co Nhue is a social housing project supported by the bank with a loan package of VND30000 billion invested by An Binh Commercial and General Services Company. This project is built on an area of ​​more than 3,000 sqm on the surface of 69 Dong Ngac Tu Liem, with a height of 24 floors, including 2 basements, 3 floors of commercial floor and 20 floors of commercial. Investors brought many different areas ranging from 48.5 m2 to 66.7 sqm, attractive price from VND14.5 million / sqm. From there, customers will have many choices of apartments under VND1 billion.

Xuan Dinh 1 and 2 mini apartment building

This is the chain of low-cost apartment project in Tu Liem, Hanoi by Kinh Do Group as the investor. These projects are extremely advantageous location to attract customers when built right near Hoa Binh park, after HC Pham Van Dong supermarket. Here, the apartment with area from 33 sqm to 55 sqm was completed by the investor with basic furniture fully encapsulated in price from VND490 million to VND830 million / unit.

Overview of the project apartment mini class Xuan Dinh 1.2
Overview of the project apartment mini class Xuan Dinh 1,2

Nhat Tao Mini Apartment Project 4.5

This is one of the projects in the apartment chain mini Tu Liem of Hanoiland investors have caused fever in the past. With a price range of only VND10 million to VND15 million / sqm, this project is considered one of Hanoi’s best selling low-cost apartment projects. Mini Japanese algae housing ranges from 33 sqm to 50 sqm with full furniture.

CT Project One Apartment Number One

CT NumberOne is located in the new urban area of ​​Van Canh, near Highway 32 and Lang Hoa Lac Highway, enjoying full social infrastructure and technical synchronization of the area and is considered urban area 3 of Hanoi capital. Especially, Van Canh urban area is located in the chain of important satellite cities of Hanoi such as Xuan Phuong urban area, An Khanh district, An Khanh area, Van Canh university, Tan Tay Do. There are very good area connections.

project CT Number One
Contemporary apartment project CT Number One

On the other hand, this modern urban project has completed the synchronous infrastructure, villas, campus, flower gardens, tennis courts have come to use. The four 29 and 33-storey buildings enjoy the full benefits of urban living in a fresh and clean environment with convenient access to the present and future.

Apartment project OCT2 Xuan Phuong

This project is located in Xuan Phuong new urban area with a total area of ​​14.6 hectares with living space extremely modern in harmony with nature, and it is located on the road 70 – road will be upgraded and expanded up to 50 m in width.

In detail, the OCT2 is 19 storeys high and 1 basement with over 21,000 square meters of floor space, providing 204 high quality apartments ranging in size from 57.4 square meters to 106.9 square meters. And all the function rooms are natural light and very convenient for living.

Perspective of OCT2 Xuan Phuong apartment building
Perspective of OCT2 Xuan Phuong apartment building

Housing OCT2 also has artificial lake 10000 m2 and high density of trees to create beautiful natural scenery. Although the apartment project cheap but residents of OCT2 still enjoy many modern conveniences, the urban area of ​​Xuan Phuong. With these advantages over 90% of OTC2 low-cost condominiums are already owned, and OCT2 will be the perfect place to build a solid foundation for a beautiful life.

Real estate projects in Tu Liem, Hanoi will continue to grow stronger. This is a good signal for real estate market in particular and real estate in Hanoi in general.

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Tu Liem -Hanoi is affirming its strong position in the real estate market in Hanoi

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