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Twenty-eight Provinces And Cites Have Approved Urban Development Programs

Approve the urban development program

According to the Ministry of Construction, after 4 years of implementation of Decree No. 11/2013 / ND-CP, the management of urban development investment under the master plan has achieved positive results to ensure the sustainable and harmonious urban development.

Localities have reviewed, adjusted and supplemented various types of construction planning, urban development programs, urban development areas and management committees … to create attractive establishments. investment, concentrated resources for urban development, technical infrastructure.


Up to now, 28 provinces and centrally-run cities have approved urban development programs in the whole province and 23 provinces are establishing or adjusting urban development programs in the whole province; localities have established 13 urban development zones and are forming 12 other urban development zones.

At the same time, the process of controlling urban development investment projects through the approval of investment procedures to control development projects under planning and plans has also been formulated.

Urban development under planning and plans has gradually created urban areas complete technical infrastructure, ensure the connection; At the same time, the investment in the construction of public works, landscape trees, and urban services are also paid attention by the local authorities and investors to create extreme socio-economic development.

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However, the system of legal documents on urban development management is not uniform, dispersed, not synchronous, unstable and not completely adjusted issues from the reality.

Therefore, the urban planning work is adjusted according to the Law on Urban Planning has fundamentally improved the institutional planning and direction for urban development management, but the guiding mechanism for implementing the group. The management and implementation of the plan and plan in each urban center are lacking and weak.


Regulations on organizing the implementation of orientations for development of national urban systems, mechanisms for development coordination among urban centers scattered and scattered in many legal documents and ineffective.

Therefore, one of the key tasks of the Ministry of Construction is to improve the legal system of urban development management as well as construction investment.

Currently, the Ministry of Construction continues to carry out the work to serve the Law on Architecture; To complete the report to the Prime Minister on the situation of deployment of inter-branch inspection delegations in the management of urban planning, especially the planning and licensing of the construction of new urban centers and condominiums.

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