Two-bedroom apartment at the south gate tower is designed in European style

Two-bedroom apartment at the south gate tower is designed in European style

Two-bedroom apartment at the South Gate is the ideal living space for small and medium sized households

SouthGate Tower is located at 86 Nguyen Thi Thap, Binh Thuan Ward, District 7 Ho Chi Minh City. This is considered “Golden Land” in the series of real estate investment projects that the Corporation Investment and Trade Hong Ha as investors. The project is expected to be implemented in the third quarter of 2018.

Hong Ha Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company has chosen the new design trend of European architectural design with the design of convenience, simple but not luxury. Thanks to this, the apartment promises to create a special attraction in the apartment is being built in the same period. Connected to the prosperity, peace, spirituality and the splendid architecture of District 7 land, SouthGate Tower has built a new symbol for a good life, wealth, peace and happiness. bless this beloved land.

Two bedroom SouthGate Tower apartment with ample space

Two bedroom SouthGate Tower apartment with ample space

Southgate Apartment is designed from 1 to 3 bedrooms with an area of ​​50sqm or more. This diversity is aimed at satisfying the needs of all customers. Most prominent among these is the two-bedroom SouthGate Tower. The area of ​​these apartments is relatively wide, many spaces with design from 66.5 to 69.7 – 75 sqm. With the above area, the price offered by the owner is VND2.7 billion to VND2.9 billion. In other words, with less than 3 billion customers have their own apartment with relatively large space, rich facilities.

This is considered a special gift that the owner intended for customers are families with 3 – 4 members or families with children. In addition, this is also suitable for high-income customers.

European style is the main style in the design of 2 bedroom apartment at SouthGate Tower

With an area of ​​66.5 square meters, the two-bedroom apartment at Southgate Tower is designed in a simple way to save space but still create an ideal living space, full and convenient. In addition, the apartment is also designed in European style while taking full advantage of the stunning views from the apartment. Thus, SouthGate Tower has created a modern living space, the most important, although the area is relatively large. With the criteria of friendly with nature to bring a living space to the top, Hong Ha investors commit to bring owners a European living space but still keep the closeness and warmth. offerings of Vietnamese people.

Living room with European-style Soopha L at SouthGate Tower

European space at SouthGate Tower 2- bedroom apartment

SouthGate Tower 2 bedroom apartment includes: 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom. Rooms are designed reasonably, in accordance with the needs of the owner. In addition, the apartment is also designed with large balconies to receive light. Imagine waking up each morning in a European atmosphere with fresh air, green space is great.

Aminities that the SouthGate Tower 2 bedroom apartment gives owners.

Residents living in the SouthGate Tower 2 bedroom apartment will enjoy the full benefits that SouthGate Tower offers such as crowded commercial center: shopping at the central shopping mall on the ground floor of the building, Large green system with extensive green park, more than 55% area for landscape design; gym, yoga class to help you exercise; the international standard education system, advancing the future; infinity pools with national standards; Three-tier security system provides absolute security for residents at Southgate Tower.

European space at SouthGate Tower 2 bedroom apartment

European space at SouthGate Tower 2 bedroom apartment

In addition, right in the space 2- bedroom apartment SouthGate Tower, residents also enjoy a variety of utilities that only space here. With architectural design from Europe, SouthGate Tower 2- bedroom apartment is furnished with furniture, full of amenities. All imported furniture with high quality from the world’s leading brands will surely bring the luxury, modern and most comfortable for your life. Living room with modern living room, modern television, reasonable lighting system will be the center of the house with exquisite design, creating special points when visiting.

With the increasing heat in District 7, a air conditioner will be the demand of all customers. Knowing that, the two-bedroom SouthGate Tower apartment is also equipped with two-way sound system. The heating system is installed in a cool place. Fire protection system is put on the belt, effective, overcome the maximum possible risks.

So, for less than VND3 billion, the two bedroom apartment will be the ideal choice for young families. At the same time, for investors, this will also be an investment that will bring small profits to investors in the near future.

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