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Two differences are available only in the Gem Riverside Apartment

Gem Riverside Project

Gem Riverside Apartment District 2 brings together the breakthroughs in scale, design architecture and living space, let’s explore Batdongsan Express two distinct points only at Gem Riverside.

A real estate project invested by many investors, hiding cash flow, can not be a trivial project. This is very true when applied to the project Gem Riverside Dat Xanh, because this project owns many different points.

perspective of Gem Riverside project
Gem Riverside brings a modern and youthful lifestyle

If you are wondering why Gem Riverside Green has become hot in the early part of 2018, the article below will give you the appropriate analysis.

We will help you discover 2 great differences, only at Gem Riverside Dat Xanh District 2. Here are the details:

Difference in planning design Gem Riverside Dat Xanh:

As a project announced by the Dat Xanh Group from the end of 2017, and until early 2018, the project really boomed with the fever from the wise investors created. Where is the reason? In our opinion, this is a difference in the planning design of the project, and more specifically, thanks to the ingenious hands of engineers and architects from CPG Consultans in Vietnam and its head office in Singapore).

CPG Consultans is a well known corporation in the world, with thousands of works across the country. Therefore, the cooperation of Dat Xanh with CPG Consultans is considered a right decision. And this is also an important measure to help you easily evaluate the quality, value of the project.

Gem Riverside project is invested and developed by Dat Xanh
The Gem Riverside Project is well-known by Dat Xanh investors and prestigious construction partners, especially CPG Consultans.

Not only the general contractor for construction, CPG Consultans is also responsible for interior design projects. Specifically, this unit has brought to Gem Riverside Dat Xanh a very special appearance, in the style of romantic European resort, and architecture is inspired by Ha Long Bay – famous sights in Vietnam.

The architects from CPG have brought to Gem Riverside a wonderful beauty, such as a miniature Halong Bay in the heart of Saigon, with luxurious airy apartments, with green trees shaded by the public with cool winds from the romantic river flowing along the sides of the project.

Architects have also made the most of Gem Riverside’s location to design complete blocks, harmony in layout, and space. Each apartment is designed square with natural view window to help people enjoy the comfortable living environment, close to the environment.

Interestingly, not only the special design of the location, CPG also bring the gas to the residents of Gem Riverside, because the apartments are decorated with feng shui elements suitable for Asian culture  but still a little romantic romantic Europe.

Gem Riverside project
Gem Riverside synchronous planning

Gem Riverside is planned synchronously, modern style as a Riverside Resort

Although in Vietnam, works with European breath not less, but to reconcile the architecture between Europe and Asia, and convey the beauty of Vietnam through the image of Ha Long Bay really not much. That is why Gem Riverside District 2 becomes a special building.

Difference in living space at Gem Riverside Dat Xanh:

This second difference, which is actually rooted in the first element, is that the architectural design is the foundation for a complete project, complete with real estate products and facilities. environmentally friendly. Therefore, you can obtain information from what has been analyzed to illustrate this section.

Accordingly, Dat Xanh and its partners, when investing in the Gem Riverside development, focus not only on infrastructure, products sold, but also on profit. The nature of space living in nature. That is the reason from building materials to accessories, furniture and accessories are equipped in the project, all of the high-end, imported, prestigious in the world.

High-level amenities at Gem Riverside
Perfect living space is only available at Gem Riverside

Mostly, they are installed and completed in a synchronous way, making up the complete block. Combined with green parks, utility, riverside adjoining … these factors have made a Gem Riverside project worth more than ever, not many projects achieved.

If you choose to settle here, you will not have to worry about environmental pollution, not worry about traffic jams noisy. Every morning you can listen to the chirping of birds, exercise lightly in the park with neighbors, and have fun with your family on weekends with exciting BBQ parties.

utilities gem riverside
The year-round greenery at Gem Riverside brings residents a green lifestyle

You can walk in the park in the midday sunshine and still see the coolness, you can see the grass flowers when the mood is not good …

Things that have been shared, are the special things, which perhaps only Gem Riverside Dat Xanh. Let’s find out, discover and make the final decision for yourself. Whether you live or invest in renting, buying and selling, you will also be pleased with Gem Riverside.

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