Unique Design Ideas For Swimming Pool In Modern Villa

Modern villas are a new, youthful and personal style of architecture. It would be a mistake if we did not arrange a small swimming pool in this house.

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Perhaps the concept of the modern mansion is too familiar to us. This is a bold style of strong, liberal architecture with neat and sharp lines. In modern villa design, almost no one follows any principle but gives the user freedom of creation. Today we will learn about a unique idea for buying a villa: Design swimming pool.

Some of the poolside design in this modern, sparkling villa

The same is the layout of the pool, but we can be creative in many ways, this depends on the preferences of the landlord, the condition of the area, the cost of construction … Here are some samples. Modern villa with pool access can be referenced.

Modern villa with swimming pool in front of the house

This can be considered as the most modern style villa construction today. Not only bold aesthetics and high value of use, these designs also create the “intelligent way”, very good for money homeowner feng shui theory.

The secret of swimming pool design in modern villas

A villa with green swimming pool in front of the house

Modern villa design with indoor swimming pool

Beautiful modern villa design swimming pool in the interior space usually for large houses, large space vacancy. The biggest advantage of this type of pool is that the landlord can use it at any time without regard to adverse weather conditions outside.

The secret of swimming pool design in modern villas

Modern villa design with indoor swimming pool is very convenient to use

Build a swimming pool on the terrace of the modern villa

The terraces are often wasted spaces, with modern mansions of narrow spaces, why not take advantage of this space to design swimming pools? Not only does it provide a private space for homeowners, this design also gives the house an extremely efficient air-conditioning.

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The secret of swimming pool design in modern villas

Building a rooftop pool is a way to fight heat

Note when designing swimming pool in modern villa

To ensure the design of the pool after buying a beautiful and safe villa, the landlord should keep in mind the following notes:

– The design and calculation of the technical parameters of the pool must be carefully planned.

– The shape, size of the pool is selected in accordance with the size and style of the house, it is best not to build the too large pool.

It is advisable to design a rippling pool because the long-standing water in the house will not be good for feng shui.

– Clean water regularly to ensure health.

And now, make your family’s beautiful modern villa a paradise with Vietnam Real Estate beautiful mansion design tips!

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