Unique design style at Condotel Cam Ranh

Condotel Cam Ranh – The project owns unique design style, living space green for all visitors.

Condotel Cam Ranh project is operated and developed by the owner of Nha Trang Bay. This project is located in a completely new style, breakthrough and differentiation. Inspired by world-class entertainment paradises such as Macau, Las Vagas, … Condotel Cam Ranh project was designed by Finko’s young architects, who contributed to making the super-brand.

Panoramic Cam Ranh panoramic

Unique design of 4 project buildings Condotel Cam Ranh

What is the detail design of the Condotel Cam Ranh project? What to bring to the customer? Please join us and follow the article immediately.

Condotel Cam Ranh’s impressive design.

On the land of 28ha near the beach of Bai Dai, project Condotel Cam Ranh was designed by young architect Finko with a construction density of only 17% to be able to keep the whole natural landscape for the project.

The entire design of the Condotel Cam Ranh project is inspired by space with four constituent elements – Water – Fire – Gas, which is equivalent to four buildings Sand – Sea – Light – Wind to create balance, prosperity for homeowners. The special feature of these four buildings is the innovative design that ensures 100% Condotel Cam Ranh apartments are facing the sea and more than 90% of the sea view apartments, giving impressive views for each apartment.

As mentioned above, Condotel Cam Ranh is designed with 4 toag houses called Sea- Sand- Light and Wind, which are four buildings converging all four elements of feng shui: Water-Gas- Light. And to know the design of each court, we will give specific parameters about the towers at Condotel Cam Ranh as follows:

Sea Condotel Cam Ranh – The symbol of the sea.

Located right on the shore of Bai Dai beach Condotel Cam Ranh project was built and get ideas from the blue sea is easy to understand. Since then, young designers Finko and the owner have decided to put a Condotel Cam Ranh Sea. At Sea Court, all visitors will enjoy the view and beautiful scenery at Bai Dai Beach, with a view of the vast blue sea, the Sea collection of the cool sea breeze of nature.

Seen from the sea, the Sea Court is located just to the right and has a height of 21 stories. The apartments in the Sea building are designed with a variety of area from 32-75m2 offers many choices for visitors. All rooms are uniquely designed to capture natural light and every detail is designed to meet the standards of a 5 star hotel.

Sea Condotel Cam Ranh – The symbol of the land.

Long Beach is one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness beaches, especially famous for its pristine, white sand beaches that make it a very romantic and charming setting. This is also one of the beauty that creates the charm of the whole project, counting on the special impression for visitors.

Named as The Sand, Condotel Cam Ranh’s second building is located in front of the sea, on the left from the sea. Similar to the Seam Sand Court, the 21-storey Sand Court features a view of the white sands, offering a wealth of amenities to every homeowner.

Blue sea, white sand, sunshine and cool winds from the sea are always full of energy. The third name – The Wind is the symbol of the wind. Windmill at Condotel Cam Ranh, with its cool breezes, fresh air of the blue sea, will surely make any traveler who loves the unobstructed winds of the sea.

The Wind is located right behind the Sand Court, with its open, natural design, the Wind of Condotel Cam Ranh project creates a unique, 25-storey, but not in front of the Sea and Sand.

The Arena Cam Ranh project

Design Court Wind Condotel Cam Ranh – Symbol of the wind

Court Light Condotel Cam Ranh – The symbol of light.

Condotel Cam Ranh’s Light House provides an abundance of light to the apartments, which offer a fresh feeling of natural and human vitality. With a unique design, sea view and full of natural light, the Light Court at Condotel Cam Ranh brings new vitality as its name suggests.

Light Tower is also designed with a height of 25 floors, high design with view to the sea. The special feature of the Light Court is that it is built towards the square of light so it shines brighter and brighter.

Highlight in design apartment Condotel Cam Ranh.

In addition to the four towers, Condotel Cam Ranh also features a large central square, which is like the heart of the project with a capacity of up to 15,000 people. Arena Square is built in a circle like the ancient Roman arena and promises to be the venue for sports events, big festival of Cam Ranh.

apartments in The Arena Cam Ranh

Living space in dream at The Arena Nha Trang

Condotel Cam Ranh’s design style is the perfect combination between tourism and relaxation. Investing in Condotel Cam Ranh will be the perfect investment for all potential customers.

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