Unique design style at Garden Keppel Land project

Garden Keppel Land Project – The apartment project has a unique design style that provides the perfect apartment for all residents.

Garden Keppel Land is one of the projects that has received a lot of attention from customers and investors. Apart from owning the prime location, perfect system as well as prestigious investor, Garden Keppel Land project owns unique design style. So what is the detailed design of this apartment project? Each apartment will be equipped with equipment, furniture like? The answer will be in the article below.

Attractive element Palm Garden apartment - Palm City District 2

Overview Garden Keppel Land is extremely modern, luxurious and class

What are the units of the Garden Keppel Land project?

In order to realize the idea of ​​creating a long-lasting place, comfortable and creating the feeling of comfort for all future residents as well as turning Palm City into a place suitable for the level of managers. , senior. Keppel Land has partnered with leading brands in the design field to create the perfect Garden Keppel Land project in the future. Specifically, the design units of the Keppel Land apartment project include:

– Design Consultant – MIA Design Studio: MIA is one of the design firms established in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City by three members Steven Barteman, Nguyen Hoang Manh and Bui Hoang Bao. This unit is mainly designed for the overall architecture, interior and landscaping of the building. During its operation, MIA Design Studio has received the satisfaction and trust of many clients and investors.

– Architectural Consultant – A61 Singapore. This is one of the leading units in Singapore operating in the field of architectural consultancy, design of construction works of large scale and modern. During its operation, this unit has consulted the design for many large and small projects, such as The Palette, Cape Royale, Seascape, Eden Residences … With many years of prestige and experience. this unit will always do well the projects that they have cooperated.

– Land Sculptor Studio (LSS): LSS was established in 2008 in Thailand. This is an experienced design unit with many projects in China, Vietnam, Singapore, Vietnam and Middle East countries. In 2010, this unit officially opened representative offices and operations in Ho Chi Minh City, expanding the market to provide services, designing international projects, developing trade, tourism and services in Vietnam.

a beautiful apartment

Garden Keppel Land project is consultancy design apartment architecture by the prestigious units on the market in and outside the country 

Unique design style at Garden Keppel Land

With the desire to bring a perfect apartment for all customers, Garden Keppel Land high-class residential area is designed with unique style, harmony, close to nature but not less weight, showing the level of home. Come to Garden Keppel Land, the owner of Keppel Land is always looking forward to the future residents can feel the vitality, comfort, all busy, worries in the work life are removed every time return to his apartment.

Spot in the design of Garden Keppel Land that is the garden in the sky (Sky Garden) arranged in each apartment tower. This is an ideal area for future residents to enjoy the scenery of their early morning, or sunset at sunset. Having a cup of coffee or a cup of tea on hand with a bear, chatting with relatives and friends is wonderful. Palm Heights’s rattan gardens are designed to be divided into blocks and conveyed by bridal bridges. This keeps the nhpj living sublimated, the design of the Garden Keppel Land apartment adds to the buoyancy, bold substance. Especially, with the location next to the river is not shielded by the large buildings so standing in every apartment Garden Keppel Land has a beautiful view. In addition, the bridge design of the project also makes it easy for all residents to move to the block and also a beautiful view, creating a special highlight for the whole project.

The quality of life at Palm Garden Keppel Land

Garden Keppel Land owns a unique style of design, the garden on the perfect cloud

Not only that, the design of utility items at Garden Keppel Land is also the focus of attention. Most impressive is the design of the pool at the resort style Garden Keppel Land. The surrounding area is covered with cool greenery of the trees. This makes all the residents feel in the blue water, enjoy the perfect space as the resort. In addition, the Gym, Café area, game room, gymnasium … are all integrated in Garden Keppel Land. All make perfect utility system only at Garden Keppel Land.

So, with the experienced design team along with unique design style at Garden Keppel Land. What are you waiting for, come to Garden Keppel Land and feel it.

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