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Unique Interior Decoration With Book Decoration Tips In The Apartment

Unique interior with book decoration in the apartment

For book lovers, home decoration is not only a way to satisfy their passion, but also create a highlight for the interior space.

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In the age of technological development, reading habits have been lost a little more, but for those who have special passion, books forever are valuable treasures should be cherished and protected. So how to keep that intellectual treasure in your home without making the furniture stiff and cluttered? Let’s take a look at some interesting ideas below!

Design a reading room in the apartment

The reading room is a great idea, where you can comfortably display your favorite bookshelves as well as drown in your own space. If the house is a bit wide, you can reserve a room for this. However, if the house is narrow, you can make use of the attic room or design a reading room on the garden terrace that is also great.

Unique interior with book decoration in the apartment
Unique reading room in the attic

Book arrangement in rooms

When there is no condition to own a reading room, homeowners can bookshelves in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. The design of materials, colors and designs of bookshelves should be in line with the overall interior of the room.

In the living room, the empty space under the shelf for the TV is a suitable location for displaying your favorite books. When you have free time, you can easily grab them and read on the sofa.

The bedroom is a private space, you should make use of the bed space on the bed put a few small books to read before going to bed. If more space, the placement of compact shelves hanging on the wall will be not bad thinking.

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Unique interior with book decoration in the apartment
A small bookcase in the bedroom

The kitchen is a place to cook if you have a shelf here to place cookbooks is not that great? But note that the kitchen has a fire, but books are easy to burn. Therefore, bookshelves should be placed far away from the stove to avoid fires, as well as books should not be near the sink as it can quickly cause watery, moldy books.

Take advantage of the free space

Many families or use the stairs to make the toilet or stove, this is not good in-house Feng Shui, but if you use it as a small bookshelf, there is nothing to worry.

Unique interior with book decoration in the apartment
Leverage the stairs to make bookcases

Alternatively, you can also use all of the free space on the stairway access or access to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even the bathroom access. Because the area here is not wide so it should be noted that the layout of the bookcase is neat, avoid making space more cramped and confusing.

And just a little ingenious, surely those who visit your home will have to admire the presence of hundreds of books and hands of your very smart, unique interior!

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