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The unique value of Swan Park urban area

Swan Park Area Convenience

Swan Park urban area is considered by many customers as one of the most valuable products in East Saigon with area of ​​94 ha.

Green living habitat with an average density of 30 sqm / person is the impressive feature of the Swan Park project that provides a relaxed living space and is also an ideal retreat.

Green living environment Swan Bay
The green living environment of the Swan Park project

Swan Park, completed and put into use in the future, will ensure to provide the highest quality of life thanks to its comprehensive quality of culture, quality of products and services. These top values ​​will create a standard living environment for the resort factor to be the best. At the same time, it also contributes to increase the value of investment opportunities with high profitability, long-term stability.

Some basic information customers need to know about the Swan Park project

+ Project name: Swan Park Urban Area

+ Location: Ton Duc Thang – Nhon Trach – Dong Nai

+ Owner: Fortune Land Development Co

+ Land area: 941.5 ha, of which:

– Trees and water surface: 190 ha

– Transport infrastructure: 197.7 ha

– Public facilities (health, education, sports …): 75.2 ha

– Project progress: November 1977 handover the house

– Complex area: 85.3 ha

– House: 364 ha

+ Construction density: 17% of the total project

+ Type of product: commercial townhouses; Villa Landscape; Eco-villas; Phu Quy villas; Villa Cat Tuong

Swan Park Area Convenience

Swan Park urban area is located along the Ton Duc Thang road, which is considered as the focal point of many roads connecting the region thanks to the transport system. Convenient for future residents of Swan Park moving to nearby areas.

Swan Park Area Convenience
Swan Park Area Convenience

Swan Park urban area is considered as a modern industrial city in the future in East Saigon to improve the value of investment, increase the value of assets. In addition, with the advantage of being surrounded by the Dong Nai River, ensuring the ideal living environment thanks to the green space of the area. Swan Park is considered to be the best place to stay for which the upper class is now looking for a second home.

Swan Park Leading Facilities

Swan Park with a range of outstanding facilities has helped the residents have spiritual values ​​as well as moments of great relaxation, moments of peace.

With the advantage of owning up to 03 huge parks, Vietnam’s largest lagoon landscape when the area of ​​76 hectares promises more perfect thanks to the many conveniences. The project has emerged with a population that has been designed to be the largest community sport complex in Vietnam as well as an international standard education system.

Top gadgets at Swan Park

 In the future, this project will become a smart technology city in the management, operation and convenience of purchasing, health care, education as well as Utility services such as: green park inside; standard education; beauty spa center; modern indoor swimming pool; kindergarten – amusement park; modern medical system; yoga – gym; Restaurants – retail services …

Highest value alive thanks to the perfect service chain of Swan Bay Dong Nai
Top gadgets at Swan Park

Design of the project

Swan Park with impressive design, luxury, multi-functional with business combination and space to live should have attracted customers right from the first impression.

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Each of the products at Swan Park brings a new, unique look to the impressive architecture thanks to its design with sweeping views. The rooms in the villas are arranged in a scientific way, ensuring the convenience of homeowners as well as create air convection to be able to welcome sun, wind and natural light.

Top comforts at Swan Park
Top comforts at Swan Park

The open space of the project has been applied to help clear the distance between nature and living space so that all are harmoniously integrated in one another. This is the design and modern nature, folk, very suitable for people with open life, love nature. And besides that the application of feng shui has been applied separately for each house has contributed to bring ownership to owners.

Along with Swan park, in Dong Nai area, the investor is also implementing Phase 2 of the Swan Bay project. For information about the two projects, please contact our hotline today to receive detailed consultation, the most thorough.

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