Thuan Viet is not a strange name for professionals in the real estate industry. It is a construction company formed many years ago. There are no known how many buildings are sprouting up from this investor. And the New City apartment project is among those.

So the project of New City Thuan Viet is different from other projects of Thuan Viet. Surely this is something that not everyone knows. Come and explore the interesting and interesting things through the article below to provide you with the most useful information.

New City apartment Thuan Viet – Operating system

To create something different as well as success for yourself, there is no lack of rules as well as a norm. And the project of New City Thuan Viet is not out of that, to achieve success. The operating system of the project also needs to follow a certain standard. It is known that New City has a basement and four high-rise towers encircled together. Each building has its own unique name that is not so much built up.

New City Apartment

New City apartment Thuan Viet luxury life

And of course, each tower has different names. There will be different activities, each of which assumes different roles to build and develop complementary development in the most comprehensive and sustainable way. This is exactly what investors look forward to.

New apartment Thuan Viet – Architecture design of a single

All high-end apartment projects own different styles of design. This is to create fresh and attractive as well as separate from other projects for customers to remember more about their products. For apartments in New City Thuan Viet is diverse in size. So the design, as well as layout here, is also much different than other projects in order to give our customers the best satisfaction.

New City apartment

Architectural design New City apartment Thuan Writing science

Speaking of architectural style design in District 2, it must say is number one. Few people know this because they only pay attention to the outer space of the project. Forget that we need to focus on interior work. This is another secret that we have just discovered. It can be said that the design of New City is number one. It is harmony and science to bring comfort to every activity.

New apartment in Thuan Viet – Use aluminum frame and glass

A beautiful feature of the apartments in New City Thuan Viet is the high buildings all use aluminum and glass safety. The apartments built with these glass panels will both facilitate the design and decoration of the room. At the same time for apartments using glass panels will help the apartment space in a clear and much brighter. This will help increase the area of the apartments.

New City apartment

New City Thuan Viet apartment with glass construction safety

Thanks to the light color along with the glass panels combined furniture. Create a living space luxury apartment most. And who just came here once might not be ignored. The glass is extremely safe and safe, strong protection against all hazards. So here we can live peacefully and enjoy life.

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