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Update the situation at the ceremony announcing Gem Riverside apartment project

Update the situation at the ceremony announcing Gem Riverside apartment project

On the morning of 8/4, Dat Xanh Owner officially introduced and announced 3 towers of the Ruby subdivision, phase 1 project Gem Riverside. Realestatevietnam points to some of the latest news on the event.

Information at the ceremony to announce the Gem Riverside project

According to Realestatevietnam , in the first announcement, Dat Xanh Group introduced about 800 apartments of 3 towers in Ruby subdivision, Gem Riverside project. Of which: Ruby block 1 and Ruby block 2 with 267 units, Ruby block 3 with 274 units, type of apartment from 1 to 3 bedrooms. A lot of customers came and attended this event.

It can be said that the event announced the new project Gem Riverside of Dat Xanh succeeded. The success may be partly due to the high demand for high-end apartments in District 2, especially for projects coming from reputable investors. The latest evidence is Keppel Land’s Palm Garden subdivision (Palm City) in just two days, with more than 1,050 reservations booked. Meanwhile, One Verandah project, which is scheduled to launch in May 2018, will also have many customers booking and waiting for the semi-official opening.

Update the situation at the ceremony announcing Gem Riverside apartment project
About 1,000 people attended the launch event of Gem Riverside on April 8

The strengths make the value of the project Gem Riverside

One of the greatest strengths of the Gem Riverside project is that the location of the project in the Nam Chach Chiec urban area is well planned and synchronized. In the future, Nam Rach Chiec is expected to become a typical urban area of ​​District 2 after Thu Thiem new urban area. In addition, the Gem Riverside location is located near the Saigon Sports City of Keppel Land and the 300-hectare Rach Chiec golf course urban area is under construction. Around the Gem Riverside project is an infrastructure gradually completed, specifically:

  • High-speed paraglider: scale 3.2km x 20m, number of lanes: 4, expected completion year: 2018
  • Ring 2 (closed): LG 68m scale, number of lanes: 8, expected completion year: 2018
  • River road: LG 30m scale, number of lanes: 6, expected completion year: 2018
  • My Thuy traffic junction: 4 storeys, completed year: 2018
  • Cat Lai Bridge: 4 km long, 4 lanes (+2), expected completion: after 2020
  • Road connecting Hanoi Highway – Highway: 80m LG scale, expected completion year: 2018
  • Tan Cang – Ring Road 2: 6 lanes, expected completion in 2018
Model house Gem Riverside.
Model house Gem Riverside.

Gem Riverside’s second advantage is the full range of out-of-town amenities, with over 60 outdoor facilities and more than 45 local amenities. Besides, the utility of the public park is nearly 7 hectares adjacent to two rivers as the “green lung of the City”. Therefore, at Gem Riverside, residents are able to enjoy the green space, relaxed barbecue as relaxing at the five-star resort every day.

The third strength of Gem Riverside is the beautiful design inspired by the classic European style, giving residents a luxurious living space that is close to nature and the environment. Gem Riverside is located in the prime area of ​​District 2, next to the Saigon River, which has great views overlooking the green park and the Saigon River as a “Little Europe” in the heart of Saigon.

Each Gem Riverside apartment has its own private balcony to maximize the natural light source. Besides, there is also a source of fresh air and natural breeze. This will help the homeowner feel comfortable and relaxed when returning home after the tired working hours. In addition, we can not fail to mention the interior of each Gem Riverside apartment, all of which follow the mainstream trend that is luxurious design, modern bring the most beautiful overall look but also Less comfortable and versatile.

The fourth strength is the project investor. Accordingly, the investor of Gem Riverside is the Dat Xanh Group, the top 10 real estate investors in 2018 according to the latest report of Vietnam Report.

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Update the situation at the ceremony announcing Gem Riverside apartment project

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