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Update the latest price sale of Sapphira Apartment Khang Dien district 9

Sapphira Khang Dien project

The first half of the year is always a period of real estate boom, during this period many projects will be launched with great expectations from investors. In particular, Sapphira is a project that attracts a lot of attention from smart investors. We will send you the latest update price Sapphira Khang Dien District 9.

Note the price may change over time and new policies from the owner. In addition, the exact price may vary depending on the type of apartment you choose. So this information is only for reference calculations, if you want to know exactly the exact number need to contact, please contact us directly to receive the “hot” information at the moment .

The following are the price policies that you are waiting for at Sapphira Khang Dien Apartment.

Update the latest price sale of Sapphira Apartment Khang Phu district 9

According to information from the investor, the price of the first phase of the project is at VND 22 million / sqm or more (the highest is about VND 26 million / sqm), depending on the apartment that customers choose the area as How, floor position, view…

This price is the original price and is for the earliest buyers. After the first phase, prices of Sapphira Khang Dien apartments may increase over time. So, if you are targeting this project, make an early decision, book early to buy a cheap home, and enjoy the benefits of the difference (if any).

High profit from Sapphira Khang Dien project
High profit from Sapphira Khang Dien project

According to the average calculation, each apartment in Sapphira Khang Dien can be located at about VND 1.19 billion / unit to VND 1.2 billion / 2 bedrooms, 2 WC. This is obviously a friendly and attractive price that is within the reach of many people.

At present, the project is in the stage of pile foundation construction and drainage system connection from the project through Vo Chi Cong road, managed by An Phong General Contractor. And expected to June 2018, the investor will officially open semi-formal with many attractive incentives. However, from now on, investors will be able to place deposits in their favor.

In addition to the attractive price of only VND 22 million / sqm, the investor also cooperated with Vietinbank to deploy financial packages to support buyers, with loans up to 70% of the apartment value, pay long for 15 years with a preferential interest rate of only 7% per annum. Not only that, from the time of signing the formal sale contract until the handover of the house, the investor will also assist the buyer to pay installment payments with interest at 0%.

Thus, investors can fully own apartments in Sapphira Khang Dien without worrying about legal procedures, capital mobilization as well as borrowing pressure.

Review of Sale of Sapphira Khang Dien Apartment District 9:

To assess the policy of selling Sapphira Khang Dien, we can look back at how Khang Dien worked from previous projects. Specifically, Khang Dien is the owner of “familiar face smooth” in the real estate market East. Known for its strong financial strength and a clean land fund of hundreds of hectares in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City, Khang Dien quickly affirmed its reputation in the area, and prominent with a lot of houses in the country.

In the year 2017, Khang Dien invaded into the apartment with Jamila Khang Dien Products and immediately reaped the resounding success. Jamila demonstrates the preeminent selling policy of the owner, when it is appreciated for price, quality, liquidity potential and price increasing.

Sapphira Khang Dien project
The Sapphira project offers enormous potential value

Sapphira Khang Dien is also expected to create a new buzz for this big guy in 2018. Therefore, Khang Dien put a lot of enthusiasm for the project, which is typical of the price offered very friendly, to “take heart” customers.

Compared with the price of Sapphira Khang Dien apartment and other projects in the same area in Phu Huu Ward and Phuoc Long B Ward, Sapphira prices are the best, the most valuable bowl of rice. From the location to the quality of the apartment, from living space to utilities outside the area, all at Sapphira reach the perfection that not many buildings can own.

This is a big advantage for investors in the profitable race. If you want to be safe and eliminate all risks, Sapphira is the ideal apartment line in the moment. Please contact us, you will understand more about Sapphira Apartment District 9 and the attractive potential from the building.

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Update the latest price sale of Sapphira Apartment Khang Dien district 9

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