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Updated sala garden project sales policy in May 2018

Realestatevietnam sends you the latest sala garden sales policy applied from May 3, 2015 – May 31, 2018.

The latest sales project Sala Garden project

Conditions apply: All customers sign a contract to contribute capital Sala Garden.

Period of application: May 3, 2015 – May 31,

Policy content:

For single tombs, twin tombs, family tombs:

  • The investment value of less than 1 billion VND donates 5 gold.
  • Investment value of 1 billion VND or more donates 1 gold tree.

For the family grave:

  • Investment area from 195 to 295m, donated 2 gold.
  • The investment area of ​​95 – 159m is donated 1 gold tree.
  • The investment area of ​​47 – 48m is donated 3 gold.

Prize: Customers must pay in time and enough money in installment 1 of capital contribution contract.

7 things you should not overlook when considering investing in Sala Garden

The owner has experience and name

The investor of Sala Garden project is a joint venture of Phu Thien Phat Trading and Service Company and BeeGreen. These units were established in 2005 and have experienced the development of a wide range of luxury apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City such as The Estella, Estella Heights, The Vista An Phu, Xi Riverview Palace, Holm Thao Dien, Palm Marina, and so on The ability to complete the landscape of the investor can be fully verified in the above projects. A common feature of the project investor can be seen throughout the process of finishing a series of luxury projects that are strong financial resources, the ability to plan and develop the landscape in sync with the overall progress. of the project. The small details in the landscape are carefully scrutinized in each project and have very personal philosophies.

Favorable location

Sala Garden is only 35km away from Ho Chi Minh City, which is relatively advantageous compared to other similar projects. The Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway has been put into operation, connecting directly from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong to Sala Garden is very convenient.

Sala Garden project
Location of Sala Garden project

This position is also highly appreciated by homeowners for their family convenience when moving to Long Thanh or Vung Tau resort and visit the forerunner.

By 2024, when the Long Thanh international airport came into operation, the visit was more convenient for the distant relatives.

Sala Garden is located in the spiritual land

Choosing the location for the project will be easy if authorized by the authorities, but to choose a location in the spiritual realm, adjacent to six large temples and two parishes (Catholic) is not easy to achieve. Especially when these spiritual areas are rich in hundreds of years of formation with the religious community in the immediate vicinity.

Sala Garden project
Sala Garden is located in a spiritual land

From Sala Garden, it takes only 15 minutes for families to move to 6 large temples and 2 parishes. Convenient location in the spiritual realm directly affects the “out” because the buyer will be very interested in the factor Realestatevietnam mentioned. Indirectly created the advantage of Sala Garden compared to other garden projects.

Covering the project is a large area of ​​protective forest that produces good gas. Sala Garden is also located on high land, good flowering, paint circulation, clean land has never been built before, creating more points for customers interested in feng shui.

Design & application of modern technology

The design and overall design of the project are designed in a modern way that is easy to see in the five-star gardens in Europe and America. Highlights are low-profile subdivision does not obscure visibility, creating air convection space. The whole project is arranged in a scientific way to deepen the project’s philosophy of meditation and retreat (fountain, temple, retreat pool, etc.).

The project owner also handles the installation of excess gas treatment system managed by modern advanced BIM technology of Germany. This system will treat excess air in the entire area to help protect the environment and completely eliminate the “cold” feeling caused by propionic acid, lactic acid, methane, sulfur hydrates and ammonia.

Design of the Sala Garden project
Design of the Sala Garden project

The images of the Vietnamese as terracing (general planning of subdivisions in the project), the roof of the family, the family gate is included in the overall design in a clever and modern way.

Variety of Services & Services

The attraction of Sala Garden is a variety of internal and external facilities for visitors. More advantage than other garden products. A number of utilities developed by the owner such as the ceremonial house, the square, the temple, the restaurant, the house manager, the accommodation, the rest stop, the electric car.

Visits will also be milder by providing package services such as fresh flowers, hygienic care, flower arrangements, etc. There will be no pressure in preparing the visit.

Large green area

Another difference of Sala Garden compared to the existing gardens is the large green space. This five-star lodge is covered by 20,000 Sala trees, the symbol of peace, tranquility and shelter. With the addition of 70 different species of plants to create a peaceful campus.

Sala Garden project
The Sala Garden project has a large green area

This green not only creates a sense of comfort and purity for the visitors, but also ensures the freshness of the environment.

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Diverse products for investors

Sala Garden is built on an area of ​​44 hectares and is planned for a variety of products to help investors easily choose the right product. Investors are also introducing investment policies and providing preferential liquidity to increase profits for customers.

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