Updated Waterina Suites project schedule in 2/2018

Maeda – Thien Duc Waterina Suites is a project attracting many investors in Thanh My Loi area (District 2) by impressive design, peaceful living space and high level of utility. With Realestatevietnam reviewing the progress of this project as of February 2018.

The latest progress of Waterina Suites project District 2

According to Realestatevietnam, up to now, the Waterina Suites has been constructed by Cofico, the main contractor, to the 3A floor (see actual progress below). Information from the investor shows the completion time and handover of Waterina Suites project is expected in Q3 / 1919.

Waterina Suites project

Construction progress in the Waterina Suites project in 2/2018

Waterina Suites project

Image of construction progress outside the Waterina Suites project in 2/2018

Differences in construction techniques at the Waterina Suites project

Pillar – Steel Frame for Shearwall

Waterina Suites along with Palm City, Estella Heights are the first residential projects in Vietnam using reinforced concrete wall and wall systems capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. waterproofing, fire spread, sound better.

This construction technique also makes it easy to express the design intent of the architect, creating a different winding, slender for the project. The structure of columns, pillars, force-bearing are minimized, increase the space in the apartment, increase the ceiling height, create unlimited decoration.

This is also a technique commonly used in Japan because of the tremendous vibration resistance of earthquakes up to level VII.

In return for the above advantages, the only disadvantage of this technique is the cost doubled compared to the traditional brick wall and brick.

Waterina Suites project

Waterina Suites adopts the Steel Frame for Shearwall technology (intermittent reinforced concrete walls between apartments and between rooms)

Flexible elastic paint

Another difference in the construction technique of Waterina Suites is that the entire building is used with 300% elastic paint or 0.5mm elastic. With hot weather in Vietnam, this type of paint will minimize the ability to wet the walls, cracking the surface of the building, improve the durability of the building with time.

If some of the large houses are easily degraded and cracked within the first 1-2 years, then the durability and aesthetics of the building are increased. Maeda introduces this technique to ensure that the work 10 years later remains the same.

paint elastic

Elastic paint increases the overall durability of the building

Waterproofing layer technology 3 layers

Buildings, such as concrete water tanks, are prone to cracking due to changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure after exposure to these elements over an extended period of time.


Paratex accelerates absorption and generates a chemical reaction

By using Paratex, this new three-layer waterproofing technology helps to minimize storm impact. When there is a sudden crack in the waterproofing layers, Paratex accelerates absorption and generates a chemical reaction, closing the cracks from a very young age to protect the overall waterproofing.

Drainage system in individual box for each apartment

According to the current installation in apartment buildings, the drainage system is going under the floor, leading to maintenance can be difficult. At the same time, if there is a drainage problem, the apartment ceiling below will easily be affected.

The sophistication of the Waterina Suites project is reflected in the fact that each unit’s sewage system is designed to be housed in a separate wall-mounting box, which makes it convenient and quick for replacement pipe equipment, while avoiding troublesome residents upstairs.

Increasing concrete thickness, electrical system ceiling, direct smoke absorption, standard escape system

Waterina Suites increases the thickness of the concrete by 35 mm, while this is usually only 25 mm in the traditional way. Each Waterina Suites apartment is also equipped with a power line to the ceiling. With this way, every corner in the apartment becomes more beautiful, very convenient in the interior design. In addition, the kitchen scoop is connected to the outside (unlike the home-made smell dispenser), helping to cook traditional dishes is no longer an obsession for family members.

At Waterina Suites apartments, all power lines, exhaust pipes are installed on the ceiling

All Waterina Suites duplex duplex apartments are equipped with fire extinguishers that are designed to direct directly to the corridors on both floors, providing maximum peace of mind for owner although they work or rest at any floor in the apartment.

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It can be said that each apartment at the Waterina Suites project is designed with sophistication from the attention to the smallest detail, in the spirit of meticulous, careful as in the culture of the Japanese. It is also a combination of two well-known brands of Japan – Vietnam and design brand of a famous architect.

Located close to the administrative center of District 2, Thanh My Loi Ward, HCMC, Waterina Suites impresses with its architectural design style inspired by the elegance of the Saigon River and its beauty. Characteristics of terraced fields in the Northern Highlands.

Waterina Suites, 25 storeys high with 86 apartments, area from 87-500m2. All 86 apartments have a view of the Saigon River with unlimited views. The project was designed by Kengo Kuma, one of Japan’s leading architects, with more than 70 architectural works in the world, such as the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, the Habour building in Sydney, Australia …

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