Updating Information Car Parking Fee At Masteri Thao Dien Apartment Block

Masteri Thao Dien apartment block management informs residents about the adjusted parking fee at Masteri Thao Dien and the method of parking management as follows:

I / Monthly Car Holder (Include 10% VAT)

Type of carIn the basementIn the yard
The firt car1,250,000700,000
The second car2,500,0001,500,000


– The above fee is inclusive of 10% VAT.

– Each apartment has registered a car and a motorbike, the second car (if any) will be registered on a monthly basis to ensure fairness for all residents.

– Application approval will be based on actual parking space available.

– For vehicles that have been approved for registration, the Management Board will guarantee a parking space in the basement or off-site of the building according to the actual condition of the parking lot at the time of registration and the wishes of the residents.

– Management will not fix the parking space for any vehicle to ensure the flexibility of the parking of residents.

II / Turn-by-turn fees

Numerical orderCategoriesDaytimeNight
1CarVND 20,000/ the first three hours

Plus VND 10,000 the next hours

2MotorbikeVND 4,000VND 15,000
3Motorbike over 175 cubic centimetreVND 5,000VND 25,000
4BicycleVND 2,000VND 3,000
5Electric BicycleVND 3,000VND 4,000


– overnight fee is charged from 23:00 hours to 7:00 hours.

– Cars are free for the first 15 minutes.

III/ Principles for keeping the car

– Revenues from parking lots (both monthly and van vehicles) are transferred to the fund for the management and operation of the Condominium Group.

– Revenues from parking fees plus management fees will be used to cover all general activities of the Apartment Complex.

– This revenue after one year of balance if the balance of the Board of Management can decide or reduce the management fee for the following year or can be paid into the fund for the management and operation of the Apartment Complex.

IV / Note about parking registration

  1. The management board will base at the time of registration to arrange in the order in which the previous registration is held.
  2. Only residents living in the Apartment Complex can register for a parking space. Residents, please provide car registration with the owner’s name identical with the registration information of residents.
  3. Management will apply parking fee as of March 1, 2017. You can register in the basement or outside as needed.

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