Utility Of La Astoria Apartment District 2 In The Hands

You are looking for a fully furnished apartment to settle in, a perfect environment for peace of mind, to build a shelter where you come back after every stressful life, the most convenient apartment for your life.

La Astoria, a luxury apartment project located in the heart of District 2 – one of the busiest areas of Ho Chi Minh City, with full facilities, full service would certainly be the ideal place for you, write the happiness with you, build dreams, ambition.

La Astoria, built in the heart of District 2, with the most convenient transportation system. You will only take 20 minutes to move to District 1 center, 7 minutes to Ha Noi Highway, 5 minutes to East-West Highway, 20 minutes to District 7 via the inner ring road, Long Thanh flight. Settling in La Astoria, you will easily move to the service center, commercial, administrative … without spending too much time.

Utility right in the way of designing apartment

La Astoria makes the most of the area of the apartment but still gives a feeling of ventilation and bright thanks to the design of science, ingenious to every detail. The actual apartment is from 45sqm to 61sqm but the actual area can be up to 100sqm thanks to the mezzanine to be utilized.

You can be proud that your La Astoria apartment will be smart Smart House shelter that’s still full of facilities to meet the needs of life.

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La Astoria, apartment next to Giong Ong To river.

Imagining after a stressful working day, nothing less than having a family, relatives, and friends walking along the road next to the peaceful Giong Ong River. You will be immersed in the peacefulness of nature and be comforted to breathe the fresh air amid the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.

The best environment for the development of your child

An international education when your child is trained at the school next to: Saigon International University (SIU), British International School, ACG International School. Not only proficient in language skills, your child will enjoy a comfortable and well-equipped education with the most modern and advanced education system, with the same level of education and knowledge.

 La Astoria district 2

A perfect living environment in the project apartment La Astoria district 2

Not only that, La Astoria apartment also built reading system, play room, private library for children with the best desire for future generations.

And more specifically, the La Astoria project provides a modern bus system to shuttle children to the residents of the settlement. Your child’s travel or safety will always be guaranteed, and you will never have to worry about picking up your child.

Other amenities are included:

La Astoria brings a modern life with a smartly designed gadget that is just right for you.

– Tunnel to keep clear vehicles, convenient transportation.

-Intelligent pool, located next to the apartment. You can easily reach the pool area without having to travel too much.

– The commercial center, bookcases, cinema … designed in the heart of La Astoria with a team of professional staff, enthusiastic to bring you the feeling of satisfaction and excellent service.

La Astoria District 2

Move and connect conveniently at La Astoria District 2

In contrast to the busiest pictures of non-stop traffic, the crowded scene of Saigon’s prosperous land, La Astoria is the land of peace and tranquility. It can be seen that right in Ho Chi Minh City there is no shortage of modern buildings, luxury but La Astoria is different apartment with intelligent design, but still bring you fresh air of natural. Choosing La Astoria as a place to build a home would certainly be a smart choice of your own.

Coming to La Astoria, you will truly be able to get away from the pressures of work, social relationships and worries of everyday life. You will always be happy, right in your own home. Choosing La Astoria today, happy not far away but right at your fingertips.

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