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Values that Saigon Mystery Villas q2 bring to customers

Metro Supermarket

Saigon Mystery Quan 2 is implemented by investors, built in the center of the district with a variety of products including land; Villa; townhouse; apartment; shophouse with the idea and high-class utility chain right along the Saigon River.

Project Sai gon Mystery Villas in Thanh My Loi Ward is invested by Hung Thinh and is surrounded by the confluence of Saigon River. This is a classy product, the company’s luxury was launched at the time of the second quarter of 2017 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the company.

System of superior class facilities
Stylish and modern townhouse in Sai Gon Mystery Villas urban area

Saigon Mystery Quan 2 with a total area of ​​14.5 hectares, building density of only 30%, and the remaining area is dedicated to the development of green living facilities and green plants of flowers and plants.

When completed, the project will provide customers with products such as: villas; townhouse; luxury apartment; the ground; shophouse; Officetel; … Expected to be handed over to clients in 2020 with full legal, accurate and long-term red book.

Value brings customers from location to location

Hung Thinh villa project in District 2 is located exactly at 104 – KP3 street – Binh Trung Tay ward – District 2 – Ho Chi Minh city. This location is right in the heart of the area with the right side of Diamond Island, opposite the main street is Saigon River and only 15 minutes from district 1 – financial and administrative center of the city.

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Sai Gon Mystery Villas owns a unique position in District 2
The location brings many conveniences, added value in the future for the project

In the coming time, District 2 will be completed and put into operation via Diamond island. The design will start from Mai Chi Tho, stretching along Sai Gon river to Thanh My Loi ward, District 2. This project is expected to total investment of about VND494 billion, is expected to be completed within 9 months.

In addition to the convenience of transportation, when you come to experience, living in Mystery Villas District 2 will help you and your family can enjoy the green life on the romantic Saigon River. The living environment of this project will be enhanced by the combination of fresh air and natural greenery every day.

Value from service of Saigon Mystery Villas

Come and stay at Mystery Villas Hung Thinh thanks to the location is very nice, convenient for traffic and connected with the central district just move about 15 minutes then you and your family will have access to many facilities of Areas such as: schools; hospital; metro supermarket system; More specifically, the Metro will be deployed and, once completed, will pass through the project.

Metro Supermarket
Metro Supermarket – where people have fun, shopping, entertainment

It is possible to see that Mystery Villas is a prime location, offering a number of unique amenities in the busy, modern Diamond District of District 2. Having a comprehensive plan should help ensure the added value of each apartment product; Villa; townhouses in District 2 in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general.

Waterfront park at Saigon Mystery Villas
Riverside water park at the Saigon Myster project

Mystery Villas is a project of District 2 is considered an ideal residence. You just have to step out of the house to get access to every gadget in every moment. Thanks to the fresh green space, green when adjacent to the green river of Saigon has a history of over 300 years.

Become a resident of Mystery Villas District 2 of Hung Thinh Investor, you will be a factor in the civilized community, living in a project with the development of technical infrastructure as well as social development synchronized. All of Mystery Villas’ facilities are in your hands, especially as you can move quickly to the downtown area as well as to the southeastern provinces.

Perfectly designed for the Mystery Villas of District 2

The Mystery Sai Gon ground floor project in District 2 is designed with the optimum ground, helping to create the source of the investor Hung Thinh Corp – a business has created the prestige in the customer with the chain of projects into public time. Beside that is the effort to bring a green living space, close to the riverside.

Every apartment, villa, house in Mystery Villas District 2 is designed to receive sunlight, maximum wind, with plenty of space for green. Thanks to this minimalist design will help owners decorate the apartment according to their preferences to each day is a wonderful experience right in yourself house.

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