Vietnam Is Recoving In real Estate Segment

Vietnamese Real Estate always brings to customers different types of products. Mentioning real estate, there are segments: social housing, cheap commercial housing, affordable and above the average housing, rental housing and finally apartment housing.

In order to provide customers with the best products, the real estate market in our country has not stopped trying, attempts to overcome difficulties, improve and enhance the type of its products.

Vietnam Real Estate

Vietnam real estate has made positive changes

Recover social housing segment and cheap commercial housing

This segment was launched in 2009 with many preferential policies. At a time, Vietnam’s real estate market is the most difficult then part of stimulus packages has been put into the social housing development for three objects: workers are working in industrial parks, students at universities, colleges and low-income people in urban areas. Moreover, investment projects have a funded by the state budget, many private investors have developed affordable commercial housing in locations with suitable land prices. Especially the form of the mini apartment has also developed, contributing to the increase in cheap supply. Therefore, the media has started moving to the average and above average prices because the heat is higher and the market is stronger.

At that time, most of the social housing projects and low-cost commercial housing used a 1,3 billion dollar package to create investment and the disbursement progress of the package has met with great difficulty. By 2015, the rate of disbursement progress is quite a stableness, monthly can increase from 10 to 20% over the previous month.

The average and above average housing segment

In fact, this segment is always alive because of high market value, more free goods, and more suitable accommodation requirements so most customers are towards this segment. The price of this segment depends on various factors: infrastructure, public services, environment, and people. Up to the second half of 2015, apartments in the average and above average housing segment become more dynamic than ever before about two years ago it was difficult to trade.

Nowadays, there are many investors believe in ability deliver to the market of this segment. However, the concern of consumers today differ from foretime that they need is not housing but a place in urban space, so the big investor should care outside real estate value that the housing space to bring. Therefore, these projects must attract a lot of real estate investment and prove to be profitable and safe to invest…

You can read more information at: Vietnam Real Estate News

Rental housing and apartment segment

For the poor, rental housing is a very important segment for them. In fact, we have policies to develop this type of segment but not bring much great effect in reality so the poor still can not reach this type. In 2014, the housing law established a good legal framework by approaching both rent and lease. Currently, the demand for cheap housing in urban areas of the poor is always high so long-term credit is necessary need to finance for the development of the rental segment. Therefore, we still need a considerable time to have appropriate policies to develop the rental housing.

Vietnam Real Estate

The real estate market in Vietnam gradually received much trust from customers

The residential segment occupies 80% and we need to replant the older buildings that have expired. And Housing Law is the most basic solution that is the use fixed-term residential land has been abandoned.

Vietnamese Real estate is gradually taking steps to recover to prove his resilience. Coming to this market, customers will have more choices that best suits their family circumstances. So don’t hesitate, please choose an ideal place for you.

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