Vietnam Real Estate Market Overcome All Difficulty

Viet Nam’s real estate market has overcome many difficulties to achieve the success.

Do you want to enjoy a modern life with high-end facilities? Nowadays, the demand for human life is increasing, so the real estate has made more breakthroughs. However, real estate in Vietnam experienced many difficulties to bring the perfect apartment projects.

Vietnam Real Estate

The real estate market of Vietnam is very strong development but also inevitable certain difficulties

Vietnamese real estate has been underestimated

In particular, Vietnamese real estate is considered to have the lowest transparency, which makes it difficult for the evaluation process as well as the transmission of market trends in a more accurate and timely. The barriers that make it difficult to accurately price are:

Difficult access to planning information.

Lack of real estate market database in the region.

The decision to lack information incorrectly reflects the real value of real estate because investors do not always have sufficient information, understanding the function and structure of real estate.

Most databases are analyzed to use for internal companies.

Commercial real estate such as office buildings, hotels, … have difficulty in determining capitalization and discount rates.

Many mergers and deal sales are not fully announced to the market in time.

Because of these reasons, the valuation of real estate lacks a policy, although the real estate is determined to need proper necessary information, available legally source and clear transparently.

Vietnamese real estate with a solution to boost ratings

Currently, real estate valuable objects include houses, apartments, land, commercial centers, office buildings and industrial parks with the purpose of financial statements, mortgages, joint ventures, merging, calling for investment,… Moreover, the improvement of the professional real estate will help domestic and foreign investment have the best and most effective investment decisions. This is also a way to help Vietnam’s real estate market become the most effective. Appraisers have evaluated the real estate market in Vietnam as follows:

Analyzing real estate transactions of great value and business in Vietnam will bring important information to determine the market price. To approach to the essence and official information of these deals requires sensitive analytical skills and understand the market.

In order to calculate ratios of real estate market, appraisers need operational situation and financial report of the last three years to calculate net income, pre-tax income, and depreciation.

Each real estate appraiser needs to build a data system and always update convulsive of the market in the system for quick and accurate valuation.

Perspective project of real estate Vietnam

Some solutions for growth and development of real estate market in Vietnam

The solution is the following:

Complete the legal system to promote and manage the real estate market to develop stable, lasting and wholesome.

To ensure that the real estate market develops with the planning, and overcome the situation of urban development and real estate spontaneously.

Strengthen the State’s management role in the efficient exploitation and use of land resources in order to control and regulate the real estate market for sustainable development.

Restructuring the real estate market, diversifying the types of real estate goods, contributing to promoting economic development and ensuring social security.

Constituting and enabling to development of financial institutions in order to attract funds to the real estate market, adjusting flexible credit policies to facilitate capital for market participants.

To perfect tax policies, fees and charges related to real estate to encourage the efficient use of real estate, official trading in the market, limitary speculation, tax evasion and increased revenues for Government.

Improve the structure, organization, and capacity of real estate market participants to ensure that the real estate market operates in a healthy and professional.

Building a system of information and forecasts on the real estate market in a unified and reliable from the central to local levels, which will serve as a basis for policy-making, management of the real estate market and providing information to ensure that the real estate market operates in a transparent.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management of the real estate market in disclosing public service procedures.

The real estate market in Vietnam always brings the best products to your family!

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