“Villa In The Air” The Lifestyle Of The Upper Class?

With the wide vision, the unique architectural space beyond all the usual architecture, the penthouses and sky villa at the Vinhomes Skylake project are hot in the market and is the first choice of the upper class.

Where is the destination of the elite?

Owning penthouse or sky villa is always the trend of the successful businessmen. Recently, the Wall Street Journal has reported about a unique apartment owned by an American businessman. Not satisfied with only one “garden,” the New York investor, Mr. Michael Gerstner “brought the park into his penthouse”. Inspired by the famous High Line Park of the city, he bought a duplex for 3.1 million USD and spent two years to renovate it into a penthouse with the ” adding the nature into the house ” style.

The Penthouse or sky villa is not a new real-estate model in Vietnam. For many years, some investors have developed the projects that have this type of apartment. However, not all projects are suitable and meet the strict needs of the successful entrepreneurs and super-rich, especially when combined with a lifestyle close to nature, health benefits.

Hot, trendy life

The Vinhomes Skylake project is located on Pham Hung Street – Hanoi developed by Vingroup Group, a leading real-estate developer in Vietnam. The project has an area of 2.3 hectares with three S1, S2, S3 apartment buildings and has created “a fever” in the market when 90% of the apartments were owned in just over 4 months of launch. In particular, the penthouse and sky villa is the most high-grade product of the project, which is limited in the upper floors of S2 and S3.

Sky Villa Project

The penthouse, sky villa Vinhomes Skylake is the best place to view your eyes away, embracing a large lake and park, as well as panoramic view of the new administrative center of the capital

The penthouse and sky villa of Vinhomes Skylake possesses the unlimited 360-degree view straight to the park, the Cau Giay Lake – the “unique” cool nature park of 32 hectares, of which is 19 hectares of the water surface area, 1.6 times the size of Hoan Kiem Lake today. With the height of the ceilings from 4m to over 7m and the glass doors stretching, these “mid-floor villas” not only provide a relaxed feeling every day with the natural light and ecological breathing but also the great space for the life of the owner.

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Standing in a large penthouse, the landlord can relax and let the soul along the river, clouds, and sky for a sense of the peace and tranquility. At the highest elevations of the Vinhomes Skylake project, penthouse and sky villas are the perfect place to get a panoramic view, embracing a vast lake and park which is connected to the far horizon that few places have. The owner of the high-grade penthouse, sky villa can also enjoy the panoramic view of the city, bringing the modern life, the most up-to-date administrative center of the capital.

Sky Villa Project

Enthusiastic creativity with sophisticated design, luxury, difference is also factors that penthouse and sky villa Vinhomes Skylake become the ideal choice of successful people

The sophisticated, different and luxury design are the factors that make the Vinhomes Skylake penthouse and sky villa become the ideal choice for the successful people. Both types of apartments are large, with the penthouse has the area ranging from 142sqm – 233sqm and the sky villa is 265sqm – 527sqm. Thanks to that, all function rooms and the most modern facilities can be arranged in the apartment, bringing the modern life, matching the owner. The perfect combination between the decorative art and the high-class materials is also used to show the luxury, sophistication.

Sky Villa Project

Pool sky pool overflow lake serial harmony is one of the unique highlights in Vinhomes Skylake

Affirming the expected luxurious life, the Vinhomes Skylake also gives the classy owners the modern facilities and attentive service, including 4 season swimming pool, sports area, children playground, food court, bar, café, Vinschool kindergarten, Vincom Business Center, cinema, office area, security system and 24/7 customer service…

It can be said that owning a Vinhomes Skylake penthouse or sky villa right in the “gold land” of Hanoi with many advantages mentioned above is one of the ways of honoring the status of the upper people, leading the trend.

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