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Vimedimex Denied The Sunshine Group Boss’s Involvement With The Company For Three Years

Recently, the information on the Internet refers to Mr. Do Anh Tuan – Chairman of the Sunshine Group has more than three years stick with Vimedimex Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in the position of deputy general manager in charge of real estate market.

In relation to this information, on September 21, Vimedimex has information to the press and confirmed this information is not true. Accordingly, Mr. Tuan only has a period of 6 months working in Vimedimec. In addition, when Mr. Tuan left Vimedimex, he did not make any contribution to the project of high-rise residential area – service in planned plot CT8 of My Dinh new urban area (My Dinh 1 ward, district And the project of trade in office services and housing, service works and high-rise garage (gas station combined) – B4 Nam Trung Yen “as the information on the network.

Representatives of Vimedimec said that information on enterprises, projects and individual leaders of real estate companies is considered as a trend contributing to the purification and building of a sustainable real estate market. At the same time, Investors and buyers of real estate are advised to collect as much information as possible so as to make the right decision.

The Emerald Project – the real estate brand of Vimefulland.

However, apart from legal documents with full numbers, it is easy to look up at departments, departments and agencies. At present, there are no units that monitor information online, so customers still it should proactively verify the information and consider it as the key to verify the “honesty” of the business.

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Representatives of Vimedimex Medical and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company also added, “Vimedimex Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is a member company specializing in pharmaceutical and medical sector of Vimedimex Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. Vimedimex Pharmaceutical Group is the founder and owner of the Vimefulland real estate brand. Currently, Vimefulland is a unit specializing in developing real estate projects, including 2 projects mentioned above.

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