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Vincity Disstrict 9 – Good Quality But Cheap

The VinCity Grand Park Project District 9, Long Binh, Ho Chi Minh City is a low-cost apartment for sale, but the quality of apartments is not low.

Recently, Vingroup Group has launched the VinCity apartment project in District 9, attracting a lot of people in the area and real estate investors. The event has the biggest resonance among the masses, those who want to buy houses in particular and real estate investors in generally. Let’s find out about Vingroup’s cheap Vincent apartment project.

What do you know about the investor of the low-cost Vincity Apartment in District 9?

The Vincity project owner is Vingroup Group, a place where the elite of the Vietnamese people are gathered and many international colleagues – who has thoughts and disciplinary actions, talents and villages, good direction and work spirit drastically, thoroughly for the good purpose. Each member of Vingroup is always active, strive to learn, strive constantly to be able to perfect themselves, always take Group Culture and the six core values of the Group as a guide for all their acts.

The spirit of honoring the discipline and culture of Vingroup, first of all the culture of professionalism is expressed through the six core values of faith – mind – intelligence – speed – spirit – personality.

Diligence and enthusiasm are not just outstanding features of the workplace but also the unique culture of the Vingroup Group in its literacy and community activities.

In all areas of its business, Vingroup has been a pioneer and leading force in changing its consumer trends by bringing international products and services to the market.

The VinGroup Group is very successful with high-end condominiums such as Vinhomes, Vinpearl, Vincom, Vinmark and minimark. It is thanks to prestige, work with their heart, quality products have created a number one VinGroup corporation on the real estate market in Vietnam today.

All of qualities that Vincity Apartment District 9 brings, that is the desire of VinGroup to bring a better life, a new development and a new face for Vietnam as well as create conditions for many consumers access and own a quality and usable life in Vingroup’s urban areas.

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Vincity District 9 is located in the suburbs to reduce population concentration and avoid traffic jams.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the full Vincity project named Vincity Apartment District 9, located in Long Thanh My Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, suburbs to reduce population concentration and avoid traffic jams of the central areas of the city.

Cheap apartment VinCity District 9 is a mass real estate product, the average price of apartments ranges from $30,435 to $43,479 is that you can own an apartment in cheap apartment VinCity District 9.

District 9 is the largest district in the eastern part of the city, not only as a boom in infrastructure, but also as an investment boom with the highlight of District 9 tech park. Many big foreign technology corporations are investing billions of dollars here such as Nodek Tosok, Samsung, Intel …. So that, the number of people working in urban areas and high-end condominiums is rising, while the workers do not have any own cheap apartment.

The cheap apartment Vincity District 9 is guaranteed by Techcombank.

Cheap apartments VinCity made the customers here are very eager and interested, especially the young families, middle income families. However, there are some drawbacks of young people because they do not have long time accumulation, need to support investors. Surely, before buying a home of an investor we must also thoroughly explore that investor, and it is easy to know that VinGroup is a precursor of Techcombank, so that the project Cheap apartment Vincity District 9 guaranteed by Techcombank.

You only need 20-30% of the value of the apartment is owned apartments, and 70-80% you can pay gradually to the bank with very favorable interest rates.

Cheap apartments but not cheap quality, synchronous utility in the apartment Vincity District 9 project.

Although the price is only from $30435, Vincity Apartment District 9 still has full convergence of Vinhomes values have been confirmed: quality – synchronous – utility.

VinCity Apartment District 9 will be built by VinGroup as a closed urban area with a wide range of utilities and services including:

Vincity District 9
Utilities perfect, diverse at the project Vincity District 9

– Vinmec Hospital was built as an international general hospital, with a team of medical doctors not only highly qualified but also dedicated. Not only that, but also popular. Currently, there are many hospitals do not respect the patients, they have forgotten the definition of doctors as gentle mother. Vinmec patients are always regarded as family members, enthusiasm and always wholeheartedly with patients.

– Vinshool School helps children of Vincity apartment District 9 get the love and education of experienced teachers who are dedicated to their children and are passionate about their jobs. it’s peace of mind when your children learn here.

– The gym helps you to maintain your health while keeping fit.

– Pool at 9th District Vincity apartment help to relax in the water after hours of study and work stress.

– Only a few steps are the residents have come to VinMark mini supermarket with full of quality products, fresh and healthy for your family, because VinMark always choose the quality products to ensure health for residents.

Come to Vincity District 9 cheap apartment to enjoy an ideal retreat for you and your family.

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