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Vincity District 9 Is An Ideal Living Opportunity

Vincity district 9 is a low-priced product but it has a wide variety of beneficial systems and abundant services; thus, it is an ideal living location.

Vincity District 9 apartment project has been a new trend for real estate market in Eastern Saigon ever since it was introduced. This area now has an increasingly huge number of customers, especially those who aim for low-price apartment segment. The appearance of Vincity sufficed the popular demand of this area in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general.

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The scale of Vincity District 9 apartment project in Ho Chi Minh city.

This project is proceeding with the scale up to 300 hectares on Nguyen Xien Street, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh city. The project includes 22-to-25-storey buildings with 36sqm-to-89sqm apartments.

According to professional real estate research, customers in District 9 mostly belong to low-price segment and have some traits below:
-Apartment price: 44,000 USD – 79,000 USD
-Apartment status: under construction or delivered in 18 months
-Age: 28-35
-Geography: mostly in district 2, district 9, Thu Duc district and Binh Thanh district.
-Average income: 660 USD – 880 USD per month

With the said information, Vincity District 9 projects have been raising many questions for buyers and potential buyers regarding its equation between price and time. This is a common sense since projects in Vingroup high-class segment usually push the market where it appears. How will Vincity District 9 projects affect the market is now big question and the answer relies on its price. If it’s higher, the market will develop stable together. But if it’s lower than the market, huge change is to be expected.

Vincity District 9
From 700 million VND, Vincity District 9 offers an opportunity to be better off than ever before

Vincity district 9 will be launched and invested in big scale including many convenience, quality services, integrated infrastructure, convenient traffic and good development. Those are key elements to draw attention from customers.

The ability to conveniently connect different location of Vincity District 9 project

There is one element being highly praised by customers and market. It is the location for the future inhabitant. They can easily traverse to nearby areas such as Suoi Tien, city high-tech entertaining center and Rach Chiec golf course.

The unique design of Vincity District 9 project’s apartments

In this project, every room is taken care meticulously in order to bring a clean living environment. All rooms are placed quite differently to get more sunlight as well as sea wind.

Test apartments will start taking in customers from February 2017. You will have a realistic experience about living environment, a look at the model outline and the rights to add your opinions in order to adjust it. This is a plus which makes a difference from other real estate apartment projects.

Vincity District 9 project is about low-priced apartments for suburb areas of big cities and the center of Vingroup branded provinces with the price around 30,800 USD. It has all kind of convenience and luxury such as shopping center, entertaining center, walking the ground, children playground, Tennis, hospital, school, square and big parks like Vinhomes’s model. This is going to be an ideal living place for everyone in District 9 in particular and Ho Chi Minh City in general.

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