Vingroup, FLC, Muong Thanh … made land market in Quang Ngai ‘hot’ gradually

Responding to the wave of real estate along the central urban areas, the land market in Quang Ngai is showing signs of fever, especially after a series of large brands such as Vingroup, FLC and Muong Thanh landed in this land.

The land price along with the transaction in Quang Ngai increased sharply, attracting large real estate investors looking for the land of gold in Quang Ngai to large scale projects. Transactions and prices are rising


Located in the central key economic region, Quang Ngai is conveniently located with a synchronous traffic system (national highways, seaports, and north-south railways). Quang Ngai has a 130 km coastline, close to Da Nang, which is known as the capital of tourism in the Central, annually attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

An open ground sale project in Quang Ngai attracts customer

An open ground sale project in Quang Ngai attracts customer

Recognizing the real estate market in Quang Ngai shows, the end of 2015 to now the market grew sharply in terms of price and number of transactions. At present, Quang Ngai has about 15 real estate projects under development. In the near future, about 40 projects will be implemented.

The most concentrated and vibrant land market in Quang Ngai is located in Phan Dinh Phung Street, where many of the most luxurious residential projects are located in Quang Ngai. Typically, the project of Phat Dat Company is Phan Dinh Phung new urban area. This project is built on an area of ​​over 15ha, including 292 villas and 108 villas. The project is fully planned for the convenience of a model residential area such as shophouse ground, kindergarten, sports area, community living area … In this project in 2015 the transaction price is about VND9 – 15 million / sqm has so far increased to VND17-36 million / sqm.

Not only land for the project, for land transactions on the market, with the front of Phan Dinh Phung road, the price in 2015 is about VND2.5 billion / 125sqm, so far the price has increased to about VND 4, 7 billion / 125sqm. Truong Chinh street price in 2015 about VND800 million / 100sqm, so far the price of about VND1.95 billion / 100sqm.

Especially the front of Hung Vuong street, the most central route of Quang Ngai city, the price in 2015 is VND7 – 8 billion / 100sqm, so far about VND12-13 billion / 100sqm. Up to now, Quang Ngai City Center has only 97 plots of land located in the project “Land shophouse – Phan Dinh Phung Commercial Street” by Thien Minh Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company (belonging to Thien Minh Group) to invest, develop and market.

The project is located in “gold” in Quang Ngai with 4 big fronts Phan Dinh Phung – Truong Chinh – Nguyen Thai Hoc – Truong Vinh Ky, convenient for business and trade for investors in and outside the province. Quang Ngai. Although located in a modern urban area with many outstanding advantages, customers own the land at this project can completely build the desired freedom.

Not only increase in price, the number of transactions according to the statistics of the trading floor in Quang Ngai has so far increased 20 times compared with 2015.

Investors “welcome wave”

According to Nguyen Vu Thien Diem, Chairman of Thien Minh Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company: “The transaction and the price increase so many real estate companies, investors everywhere in Quang Ngai buy land, investment projects.

It is no exception, Thien Minh Group recently invested, developed the project “land shophouse – commercial street Phan Dinh Phung” with a total investment of nearly 300 billion.

The project is in the phase of completion of infrastructure and red book each batch. The sale of the project has attracted nearly 400 customers, creating a highlight in real estate transactions in Quang Ngai. And in the future, the transaction price of the project will be even higher. “

With the potential development of Quang Ngai City with the investment capacity, distribution has been affirmed in the real estate market of Thien Minh Group will bring more investment opportunities, the opportunity to live standard. A new, modern, dynamic, civilized environment for the residents living and working here. Particularly in the past 3 years, people in the districts have flocked to buy houses in the city center with the goal of investing and buying houses for their children when they go to study in the city. This also contributed to the rapid growth of the market, “said Ms.Diem.

Currently, Quang Ngai attracts big investors such as Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park Joint Venture Company Limited to invest 1,746 hectares of VSIP complex, Quang Ngai People’s Committee approved for Vingroup Investing in two projects in the province, namely the commercial center at the bus station and the high-end resort complex of 2,000 ha at Binh Chau beach, Binh Son district, Muong group Thanh, FLC Group … Quang Ngai real estate market so hot over the past time, so Quang Ngai People’s Committee recently instructed the project owner to transfer only when all infrastructure residential areas completed.

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