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Vingroup Has Introduced Preferential Policies For Customers Buying Apartments In Vinhomes Golden River Project

Vingroup Group has launched a more preferential policy for customers to buy apartments in the project Vinhomes Golden River District 1.

Specifically, after the luxury car, Vingroup continues to impress the market with the incentive program: 65-inch LG OLED TV SIGNATURE W TV – ultra-thin wall TV with a listing price of up to VND300 million for customers to buy the apartment 3 – 4 bedrooms at Vinhomes Golden River project.

In the context of the price of land in District 1 increased sharply, ranging from VND500 million to VND1 billion per sqm, the price of Vinhomes Golden River project was speculated as “beautiful” because of its superior position, super project also owns a number of advantages such as metro apartment projects within the zone, the project was designed by many prestigious contractors in the world, the project is equipped internally. The luxury of the many international brands, the project can occupy nearly 1km along the banks of the Saigon River. Whether buying for the living or buying for investment, Vinhomes Golden River apartment is always a charismatic project.

for customers buying apartments in Vinhomes Golden River project
Buy an apartment with  3 – 4 bedrooms, gave a TV with the price of VND300 million

In the list of expensive goods, TV LG OLED Signature W is a new product but has quickly won the title of the most expensive TV series in Vietnam in 2017. This product is proud manufacturers and watch. is a record-breaking miniature walling technology with a thickness of less than 4mm, and can bend at the same time. The size is impressive to 65 inches but weighs only on TVs that are less than two-thirds the size.

In addition, the TV also owns surround sound technology of Dolby Almos cinema and a screen resolution of 4K this listing prices up to 300 million. Despite the high price, the quality of this high-end consumer television is “excellent”.

The owner of Vingroup applied the policy of donating LG OLED SIGNATURE W TV for buyers of 3 – 4 bedroom apartments in Vinhomes Golden River is not too surprised by the Vingroup, which is famous as the owner to pay. One year ago, at the end of the third quarter, early in the fourth quarter, Vingroup also launched a Mercedes lottery winners program for the owner of the Vinhomes Golden River apartment when the project entered the opening peak.

for customers buying apartments in Vinhomes Golden River project
Beautiful house and TV to / luxury car: sales formula of the big investors

In fact, the combination of “beautiful house – TV to a luxury car” is the formula of many real estate investors in the world. This tactic is very often applied in the rushes open for sale in ultra-high-end real estate projects or show the “spoiled”, honors the client class of the investors who are already famous.

In Dubai, the real estate developer DAMAC has traditionally donated the supercar keys to billionaires who own DAMAC’s tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate. In 2016, the owner of Trump International Golf Club Dubai has launched a program of donating BMW cars to buyers of apartments in the system of real estate projects they develop.

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