Vinhomes Gardenia: The Future Stars With The Green Home

On the real estate market in Hanoi, Vinhomes Gardenia is known as “jasmine”, with high-grade apartments, unique design, and a variety of ideal living utilities.

But what makes Vinhomes Gardenia – the number 1 priority for home buyers nowadays, is because it owns green spaces and a civilized community.The urban area of Vinhomes Gardenia has a scale of 17.6 ha, is planned symmetrically through Ham Nghi, My Dinh. Inspired by the purest jasmine, Vinhomes Gardenia (Ban Mai city) is designed based on the principle of the green, clean and balanced with the unique garden in the city by two famous design companies CPG (Singapore) and West Green Design (Canada).

Vinhomes Gardenia project

Vinhomes Gardenia – the number 1 priority for home buyers today

The iconic jasmine flowers are exquisitely crafted in landscaping and interior detail, creating the typical style of Vinhomes Gardenia.According to Ms.Lan Anh (a future resident of Vinhomes Gardenia), living space in many areas in Hanoi is very narrow, lacking trees. So when she was introduced to Vinhomes Gardenia – the urban density of trees, promising a rare fresh space, Ms. Lan Anh quickly decided to order.Ms. Lan Anh said: “Researching carefully the planning of the whole area, I found that the owner is very clever when arranging living space interspersed with public space, especially playground under the shelf of the apartment is full of lawns, slides, swings and continuous motorized games for children. That’s what I am – a nature lover who wants to live in a spacious open space, like Vinhomes Gardenia.”

Perfect environment for children and the whole family

Meanwhile, Mr.Tuan, an IT expert, shares stories of a civilized, healthy and energetic community living in the urban areas of Vinhomes, which is why he always wants his family to enter this community. Through the sharing of friends, he is known in Vinhomes, cultural events are held periodically such as: Sports Festival, Christmas Eve, New Year elite Vietnamese Festival,… From there, residents live together very cohesively, mutually help each other as a big family, the children of the residents can enhance exchanges, learn useful things, help children develop dynamism, creativity, cooperation by group,…In particular, the desire for children to study at Vinschool is also the reason why he decided to buy Vinhomes.

Vinhomes Gardenia project

Vinhomes Gardenia promises to bring living space green, fresh.

After many years of working with methodical investment of Vingroup Corporation, Vinschool has made parents more confident to entrust the future of their children. With the widespread application of Intelligent Multilingualism, the same project-based learning style helps children learn from real-world experiences and know how to think on their own, explore the world around them. Vinschool gradually has created a generation of students that are confident, proactive, and easy to integrate internationally.To ensure the benefits of residents of Vinhomes in general and residents of Vinhomes Gardenia in particular, the school has priority policy to receive registration documents for children of residents first, then to receive the registration of the ones who are given birth outside the urban area. Currently, the Vinschool School System in Vinhomes Gardenia has begun to receive applications for children of inhabitants from 2017 to 2018, which runs from February 22nd, 2017, and lasts until April 17th, 2017. Currently, residents of the lower floors of the project have begun to receive housing, apartments in the apartment complex will be handed over in the 4th quarter of 2017.

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