Vinhomes Golden River – 5-Star Facilities For Life

Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son Apartment has been one of the apartments that received a lot of attention from everyone, not only the media, investors. It also receives a lot of interest of all customers by the perfect amenities, full facilities that Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son brings.

So what are the benefits that make investors and customers so stunned? Why Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son received so much attention?

With more than 100 different large and small utilities, this has proven to be intelligent and meticulous in every detail of the project that can be described as the 2016 Critical Project. All these great little gadgets will be handed over to the customers. There are some great facilities that are only in Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son as:

  • A wide range of large and small squares: Vinhomes Golden River is home to a number of public squares, including the Central Square, the Historical Square, the Landmark Tower Square, the playground and the utility square as well as the art sculpture square…… all the squares will be the magnet for every customer.
  • Green grass to organize the event: In a year, there are many different small and large events. The owner of Vinhomes Golden River Apartments has built and created a beautifully beautiful lawn that will help you create the most spectacular events.
  • River view beautiful scenery: you will enjoy the scenery right along the Saigon River. You also do not have to worry about seat belly. Vinhomes Golden River also built a riverbed area so you can watch the scenery without worrying about rain or sunshine.
  • Marina: more than 400 meters long along the Saigon River, the marina will serve all the needs of its guests. The marina can also be an ideal dating and romance destination for you and your loved ones.
  • Jogging and biking trails along the river: with a length of nearly 1 km, will meet all the walking and breathing needs of the fresh air of the residents.
  • Tropical Flower Garden Paradise: With an area of about 1 hectare full of colorful tropical flowers are bragging beauty will make you like peanuts and nature, immersed in the shimmering beauty with a variety of different flowers.
  • Especially, with Vinmec hospital in Vinhomes Golden River you will get the most perfect health care by hospital brand has been confirmed and standardized.
  • Swimming Pool with cool water for all residents: In hot summer weather, you will be immersed in the cool water at the pool. It will help clear up all fatigue and anxiety in life.
  • Gym and Fitness area: At the Gym you will be able to work out with the most modern machines, with the dedicated instruction of the bodybuilding teacher. You will definitely own a standard body and seductive.
  • Vinschool School: When living in Vinhomes Golden River, you are assured that your children will be studying in a high quality interdisciplinary school. Not only in the classroom but your children are also learning outdoors so your child will be promoted all the intelligence and creativity.
  • Spacious golf practice area: Coming to Vinhomes Golden River you will not have to go far because the golf course is built right at your apartment.
Vinhomes Golden River project

Perfect 5 star standard in Vinhomes Golden River project

The whole complex of “A city within a city” has been filtered from research and survey of Vingroup together with the most famous design corporations in the world market EDSA and US market. Vinhomes Golden River Apartment is considered as a small city in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, with all standard facilities such as hospital, school, park, shopping mall. Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son is the great strength of Vingroup, hit the upper class in Saigon in particular and Vietnam in general. A living in the cloud that seems only in the dream or only billionaires like Bill Gate, Warren Bufett … can do it now you can have it when coming to Vinhomes Golden River.

The Vinhomes Golden River apartment was born, besides being a symbol of splendor, it is also a target for us to look into and try harder. It is also a reward for those who have tried to make you have the most complete, the most fashionable life that Vinhomes Golden River brings.

What are you waiting for? Come to Vinhomes Golden River to enjoy the high life!

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