Vinhomes Golden River – Attractive Price For Everyone

The real estate market in 2016 has been warming up by the birth and boom of many luxury real estate products.

Most notably, we can mention Vinhomes Golden River apartment project – the apartment is the peak of the elite. The Vinhomes Golden River apartment project, located in a prime location with a reasonable price and affordable price, will be an important highlight and attract a large number of interested buyers and buyers.

What are the types of apartments in Vinhomes Golden River Apartments?

To meet the different circumstances and needs of different lives of every customer, the developers and designers have outlined and made three different types of apartments to meet all the requirements of customers.

At the Vinhomes Golden River Apartments there are three types of apartments for guests to choose from: 1 bedroom apartment, 2 bedroom apartment and 3 bedroom apartment. With these three types of apartments, you are spoiled for choice of an apartment to suit yourself.

What is the price and quality of Vinhomes Golden River 1 bedroom?

One bedroom apartment will fit the newly married couple. This will be the ideal space to choose for you. The following will be the price and quality of it.

  • The price of a one bedroom apartment reasonable for customers: the most expensive housing market prices are the center of District 1. The Vinhomes Golden River Apartment is located in District 1, but prices are extremely attractive compared to the District 1 housing market, especially the one bedroom apartment. Just for about $174,000, you already own a 1 bedroom apartment right at Vinhomes Golden River for yourself. This is considered the best price and most suitable for every customer right.
  • Great deals for customers: When buying luxury apartments of Vinhomes Golden River, all customers will be supported 70% of the apartment value at 0% interest within 2 years. So, the financial problem is no longer your concern, just have $43,000, you already own a dream home luxury and luxury.
  • Class quality: one bedroom apartments are applied and equipped with the most modern technology. Along with the use of Low-e glass has UV blocking function, effective noise and heat resistance. In addition, they are equipped with Bosch kitchen appliances and Duravit’s top-of-the-range toilet facilities. All of them bring you an airy living space, you will enjoy in a peaceful and peaceful living space.

What about the price and quality of Vinhomes Golden River 2 bedroom apartment?

  • Quality class: All equipment from furniture to kitchen equipment is very modern equipped. Especially the 2-bedroom apartment has beautiful view under the open model. From the flat facing you will see a green park of large zoos, see the Saigon River curves and the highest Landmark building in the country. The 2 bedroom apartment will be suitable for families with 3 to 4 members. You will definitely enjoy living space extremely warm and happy family.
  • Extremely affordable price of two-bedroom apartment: the sale price of 2 bedroom apartment will make you extremely shocked. Only about USD $ 304,000, you will own a luxury villa in Vinhomes Golden River.
  • Great deals: Just like a one bedroom apartment, you will be supported 70% of the value with only 0% interest within 2 years. Especially, when you buy a 2 bedroom apartment you will get a package of health care.
Vinhomes Golden River Apartment

The furniture of Vinhomes Golden River apartment is imported from Europe

So how about Vinhomes Golden River 3 bedroom apartment?

  • Affordable: Only about $523,000, you already own a 3-bedroom apartment right at Vinhomes Golden River.
  • Quality: The 3 bedroom apartment will be well suited for large families. In addition to owning the amenities and modern amenities of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, the 3-bedroom apartment is equipped with smarthome appliances to provide all amenities for residents. Not only that, the 3-bedroom apartment is also designed to bring cool space to the residents.

With so much price incentives then why not come to Vinhomes Golden River to enjoy the most comfortable life with the most affordable and affordable price!

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