Vinhomes Golden River With Modern Green Living Tradition

Come to Vinhomes Golden River apartment project – to immerse yourself in a living space extremely fresh, green and extremely clean in the heart of Saigon.

The Vinhomes Golden River apartment area does not cover all the space required to build an apartment complex, with a special focus on landscape development to provide the residents with the freshest air.

Located on the banks of the gentle Saigon River, Vinhomes Golden River apartment area is turning itself into the most ecologically riparian riverside urban area. Pollution problem is a concern for the whole people, therefore, when choosing to buy an apartment they are looking for the greenest and the freshest space to enjoy and have good health.

As a result, the project of Vinhomes Golden River has been receiving a great deal of attention from all its customers because it owns and carries on a shirt, an extremely especial green space which in the air polluted out there.

So this green space has special something that attracts so many customers? Let’s find out soon.

Contrary to the modernity of downtown with towering buildings but lacking in green space, the Vinhomes Golden River apartment is very focused on sketching a life filled with blue tiles and you will definitely live and enjoy a space that is so close to nature, trees and rivers.

The Vinhomes Golden River apartment building has been developed in the model of “The riverside ecological urban real life in the heart of the city.” The front of the Sai Gon River to welcome the fresh early morning sun with fresh wind, Vinhomes Golden River Apartment has built a model green campus system, located in the riverside standard and is flooded with green within the project area.

The green lawns are large and wide, combined with BBQ parties, outdoor events will be a perfect choice for your family, because this is one of the fun activities and very popular in the center of Saigon.

Walking paths stretch along the Saigon River, winding through the rows of green trees, grassy green lawns, all hidden in the green shade of the canopy that has altered the long-standing landscape of the Saigon River, which was formerly used only as a place of production and transportation.

Especially, the long wharf with 5 stars Marina marina will be available at the Vinhomes Golden River Apartments. This is considered a highlight that cannot be ignored at this blockbuster 2016 project.

In order to bring new interest to the upper community in Vinhomes Golden River, VinGroup’s investor has built up Marina of 5 stars international standard.

Marina has been carrying out a great mission that is bringing the aristocratic community here closer and friendlier to nature. Residents here will be like immersed on a vacation resort. Elegant, with a flashy, romantic, refreshing drawing line, the river with its old, silent flow was through time.

In the heart of Ho Chi Minh City is flooded with noise, pollution and smoke, right at the Vinhomes Golden River apartment area has a large green park area to bring fresh air between the city, it will help you purify and wash all worries, tired after a long day.

Vinhomes Golden River

Vinhomes Golden River urban area is like a small city in the heart of Saigon

In addition, in the Vinhomes Golden River apartment area there are many beautiful tropical flower gardens, large squares… All of them will create a brilliantly colorful scene in the morning and shimmering the lights at night, all of which will add to the natural beauty and flawlessness, every resident here will wallow in a wonderland, flickering and mysterious.

In particular, take advantage of the high design so that the apartment you stay will always open wide and open look toward the beautiful Saigon River, quiet and gentle.

Or you will be eyeing the tall, green trees of the Sai Gon zoo.

Thus, it can be said Vinhomes Golden River apartment project is a very green and clean space right in the heart of the city, Vinhomes Golden River bring in privacy but not isolate, independent and not alone in Sai Thanh.

With such a cool and cool space, why not bring your family and loved ones to Vinhomes Golden River to enjoy a green life, a very cool space.

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